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  1. Oh, ok.
  2. as a clan owner I fully support this, even as a noob clan this greatly upsets me, my hope would be for my clan that for whatever reason, Death or any reason that my members would be to carry on in the clan THEY helped build if my account had went inactive. Especially since it is a "historic" clan. The devs did not create this clan nor did they build it for what it became to be. HOW DARE YOU ATA!
    Now I wish to ask for a petition within a petition, any clan owners that see the importance of this issue should be eager to support. If devs can do this to Foxes being rightly owned by the warlord that inherited from it's creator they can do it to any clan owner for any reason.

  3. Seeking clarification of events. From what I've read:

    The original owner didn't want ownership of the clan passed

    People put in a ticket to take ownership anyways since the owner was inactive

    Support passed ownership

    Someone higher up noticed the change/mistake, possibly due to player reporting, and, as a solution, took ownership of the clan away from the new owner in order to honor the intent of the original owner.

    Due to the unusual situation, and people enjoying setting things on fire, the certain factions of the community started rioting and spreading mass misinformation. Certain foxes members, confused from multiple angles of propaganda being slung everywhere, are posting here.
    I'm certain I'm missing a step here, so, aside from the developers being ambiguous and allowing this chaos in the storm, would an actual involved party please provide clarification to my understanding of events?
  4. I agree with foxes lol
  5. Support. When did KaW become a dictatorship? Let freedom reign - F4L
  6. Kindly add me to the petition since I'm the guy they just took the clan from. It was growing and going well. Until...well we see where it is ATM
  7. LrdDarius.. hey you gave it a shot.. we are very proud of you. Clan spirit and legacy and vibrancy are not tied to one "owner".. you tried to recapture it.. know that we respect that
  8. So essentially, from what you've been able to gather, the devs screwed up passing ownership onto somebody else?
  9. The decision to give control to another player was an error on our end. This was not something the support team should have done.

    We've reverted that change of ownership so that the clan is in the hands of who it was before.

    That is our final decision.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.