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  1. Please ask in PM. Don't derail
  2. Sorry.
  3. If I remember correctly, people were requesting people to leave the thread for no apparent reason, so this became an issue for the community of kingdoms at war and the developers reviewed it and made a decision and contact us and informed us about this change, so there for we were told to inform you guys about this change where it should of been known to the community by now.

    Pretty much contact a moderator and ask them to review a person post and we will decide if the person should be removed from the thread or remain, pretty much depends on their actions.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Fully support
  5. Support to OP
  6. If this happens to foxes it should happen to IG I'll support if this goes through as well otherwise it's basically total bs 
  7. Can you elaborate on this issue?
  8. I don't know much about Foxes, I know a bit of the history. I think it's highly unfair unless there is some kind of rules violation.
  9. Owner never passed ownership ? to anyone ?
  10. Why should it happen to iG. iG passed ownership on to each other. Devs/support didn't pass ownership?
  11. As a member who was involved with the very planning of this clan before it even went public, and having spent over 7 years in community with my clan members, I passionately denounce the actions taken tonight.

    As ever, I stand by my KAW family. You can not rob us of camaraderie. Sign me up.

    Foxes 2009 to the end
  12. I may not know any one from foxes but this is bs for dev to do this it shows how they feel about there players so you have my 100℅ SUPPORT SUPPORT
  13. I got kicked from foxes. A whole bunch of bologna.
  14. lol hope this is a joke. just cause a clan was first.dont give them the right to do as they please. I was quite happy to see everyone in foxes been a long time since that clan had people in it. and then the devs just up and kick people cause they felt its their duty? like people said then IG should be the same thing. IG has just as much kaw history as foxes. no offense to anyone. but if any clan should be a staple of this game should be IG.
  15. Ok who cares
  16. What purpose does it serve to allow the clan to sit there inactive and doing absolutely nothing?

    Lots of clans have impacted and will continue to impact the game in various ways. Should all those be seized and shut down by the devs also?
  17. Support. This is complete bs.
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