Foxes now open and reborn

Discussion in 'Clans and Alliances' started by LrdDarius, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. I am the best, noon clan you are, farm me if you can noobs
  2. I was with Foxes during the first attempted rebuild, and it was going decent for awhile. I'm looking forward to Foxes coming alive once more!
  3. Don't become like iG
  4. Good to see you back mate and I hope you will rebuild the clan successfully
  5. Way to step up! Wishing Foxes success!
  6. Definitely join Foxes guys. We're doing a lot of EB's.
  7. Dont let this guy in. He kills clans.
  8. Nostalgiaaaa.
  9. Support! It's nice to see you guys active again.
  10. Thanks for the support
  11. Nice to see the Foxes getting their act together
  12. About bloody time
  13. Fox News reports that foxes new owner intends to rebuild foxes with new foxes.
  14. Join this clan now
  15. I love the fake news stories
  16. I just intend on building it, new foxes, old foxes, dead foxes, never foxes, wanna be foxes oh and Swabia 
  17. Good luck Darius... Support the Foxes.