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  1. Sorry it's late everyone, but here it is!

    Forumer of the Week

    I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not sure how well I'll be able to stick to a schedule, because I live a fairly busy life, filled with lots of procrastinating :lol:

    However, as promised, I have made the thread. After the polls were closed, I counted the dozen or so votes I received. The first winner of the People's Choice Awards is...


    Grant is a great guy, as is the entire ATA staff, although receiving backlash for a certain set of keystrokes that allows mimicking of text seems to have been the main reason for his nomination....
    Congratulations to Grant and the rest of the ATA staff for winning!

    Now moving on....

    Editor's Choice

    The first ever Editor's Choice award goes to....


    I have to say, Boba is definitely one of my favorite Forumers of all time, let alone this week. I'll quote some of the particularly amusing posts of this week from him:

    That last one was the only reply to someone's thread :lol:

    I think you guys can tell what type of humor I like by now, and Boba does it well for me. Congratulations!

    Now, to clear things up. Corinthian, reasons for a nomination should apply to something that said nominee has done that particular week. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope I'll be at least somewhat motivated to continue making these! Feedback is always welcomed.

    Oh last thing, I figured Fan Creations was an appropriate forum to post this on, let me know if you think there's a better place for this type of thread.
  2. K.

    I hereby nominate myself! Ill win this, because Ill win every election i am nominated to :p
  3. The polls aren't currently open :lol:
  4. Support :mrgreen:
    Love the idea and I hope you keep up with it :lol: :lol:
  5. Love
  6. I should be next. no explanation needed
  7. Might have to give it to you
  8. Bump for corinthian
  9. Ah. Perhaps this was one of the few topics I glazed over. Might I suggest a less ambiguous title? I think the shortened name didn't draw many forum viewers since they didn't accurately guess what it contained within.