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  1. Bully
  2. I generally don't have a problem with mods other than them being the occasional victims of our war against... Well Everyone. What I do have a problem with is that they do get a bit overzealous at times. They recently deleted a thread that was started May of last year. A thread that chronicled a war that started almost 2yrs ago. It would've been better if they'd deleted posts and then gave a warning that the thread would be locked if such things happened again. Not graveyard a thread that was almost 500 pages long and overstep their boundaries in banning people from forums.
  3. Pretty much lol
  4. Haha with all the inc I'm getting in my news feed I get so worried one of them is like "You have been forum banned forever" or like "You have been banned from kaw for posing a logical post and uncovering our secrets"
  5. Some of the locks are completely unjustified and amount to an abuse or simple misunderstanding of the power mods have.

    The locking of the thread which turned into a 'was jesus gay' debate was a complete disgrace. Nothing but an interesting debate but clearly the locking mod was a right wing christian who couldnt cope with having their sensibilities challenged.

    Other locks start with a very short OP, but an OP which was long enough to start a conversation, and then gets locked for 'low effort'. Why? Effort should only be commensurate to that required to get the original point across.

    Even some of the so-called 'annoying' posts like megan's turn out pretty amusing for whatever reason.

    Anyway so things like the above get locked but the absolute GARBAGE that willythedeuce used to post never did. However I quickly learned to ignore that so no worries!

    The giant apoc vs zaft thread is surely borderline spam isnt it? The OP is great but then its 300 pages of 'spam', no? Pick any post from page 10 onwards as an OP and that thread would have been locked months ago. I say this as a kotfe member lol.

    The thing is that if a thread is spam it will fall off AT anyway. Other than blatantly offensive material you dont need a mod coming in and smugly throwing their weight around.

    The locking of simple q and a threads with a 'this belongs somewhere else' msg also grates. Help the new players, stop being morons.

    TL; DR - locking threads is typically an abuse of power, a lottery between mods and I get the impression its more showing off than actually necessary
  6. Sorry for the long post but some mod locks have quite annoyed me lately.
  7. You're prob letting the truth because slayerbob no longer has the mod achievement
  8. #FreeForums
  9. Moderators follow set guidelines we provide to them which are seen in the Forum Code of Conduxt and Terms of Use to keep the forums as a positive and welcoming place.

    If you have issues with actions they perform please email us at instead of publicly bashing or harassing them.
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