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  1. Alright forums, I have an actual legitimate question

    What has been happening with the mods on forums, they seem like they're locking mostly everything that isn't pictured and bbcoded up.

    Now I assume this will be locked upon the reading of a moderator but I'm curious as to your input as to why this may be... I mean I see some threads that are yes, no effort but some that are legit. Like the ones asking about certain things, like the yafi issue, or other questions.

    I'm not impacted by them locking these threads I'm just curious.

    And another thing. Ever since everyone stopped harping on eagle, other mods have been locking threads. Almost as if, eagle is not liking the hate :0

    Maybe he will make a comeback and lock this thread. Or will it be inferno, daphnia or karma :0 who knows.but please input your opinions
  2. They lock junk pointless threads, mostly stuff that shouldn't have ever been posted and just takes up AT space from threads that might actually be worth seeing.
  3. Few of them are worth seeing
  4. Yes I understand that but they seem to lock anything harping on the mods or devs
  5. From what I've read, the threads that are locked usually don't have much effort put into them, or pose no actual purpose. So I agree why some of them have been locked. On the other hand, it's possible that the OP of some of the threads personally asked for them to be locked. I used to be a mod as well, if you remember me at all that is. Besides, doesn't having a thread that provides absolutely nothing, or doesn't have enough content to pull its meaning out bother you?

    But this is only my opinion.
  6. Can't say I do. Nor... Do I see an achievement
  7. Most of the stuff they lock or delete is useless spam or threads they don't like.
  8. They are a overzealous. Just because a thread is a little short doesn't mean it doesn't pose an interesting question.
  9. Well some of them to me, and this is just my opinion, seem to be... Decent, in the fact that they do offer good arguments and points, and some that are you know, made over and over are annoying but honestly, they just seem to be... Bias towards what they want and not what's actually allowed
  10. When I asked to be taken off the team, they took off the mod achievement. If you think about it, it makes sense to do so. Look at some of the old mods that you might know of.
  11. Mod abilities are tied into the mod achievement.
  12. "They don't read they delete."
  13. I believe you may have been mistaken that forums is a free and fair community. A little off shoot from the tap tap section of the game.
    It's not.
    It's a heavily patrolled, closely monitored and increasingly biased propaganda machine.
    Posts are quietly deleted
    Posters are silenced
    TOU is added to without notice to reflect devs current agenda.
    Precedents are set and then ignored.
    And to top it all off, once the system is kosher, they disappear and let the crap fend for itself until a new corn nugget rises to the top again, just to be picked off and eaten by the heavy hand.

    That being said, all devs actions are retaliatory because if the kawmunity wernt full of idiots they wouldn't need to interfere.
    Jus sayin
  14. Actually, more or less, they do read the threads. That way they can decide if it needs to be locked or not.
  15. Its against tos to make fun of devs and mods, I've seen someone get a perm silence and forum ban permanently for it......Remember Tara?....Yup forums banned forever
  16. I'm not saying make fun, of devs or mods, but even the simplest thing. Like when some people made a thread about yafi and them having posts removed, parts of their thread taken out. It makes me curious as to why they need to meet such extremes as to do that
  17. The truth hurts people, it hurts sooo badly.
  18. If you were a game developer, would you want racism, or extreme harassment on your game? You need to consider what it is you want the community to see, and what kind of gaming environment you're putting out there. Yes, they can't monitor everything that goes on, but at least they try.
  19. Well I haven't seen any racism on here thus far, one post a long time ago. And really no one is being "abused" terribly, just chirps and war banter about the opposition
  20. I remember my month long forum ban for writing a thread like thisÓźí

    The truth is not allowed to be talked about, especially when it makes the devs look like the apes they are...
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