Forumer of the Week nominations

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Noodle, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I have a volleyball tournament this weekend, but I still want to try to get this in, so I'd appreciate if you could post your nominations and reasons for said nominations. Thanks, apologies for the low effort thread, but the main thread will hopefully be out Sunday, with a less ambiguous title (thanks cor)
  2. Nomination: Corinthian.

    Reason: He has been making meaningful, well thought out replies to a wide variety of threads.
    Plus- it's cor.
  3. Nomination - roni

    For creating a thread that went beyond 3 pages
  4. Nomination: rooks

    Reason: The background forumers deserve to get highlighted. Also, seriously, has anyone had the issue he's asking about, or a possible fix?

    Edit: Reply on his topic and not here for the question part if so.
  5. Roni is an idiot
  6. Nomination- myself

    Reason- I once called someone a homo one time but it's K because I'm a homo
  7. Roni for making forums alive and entertaining people from all over kaw.
  8. roni for being the heart beat of forums
  9. Maybe that's why forums are so dead :lol:
  10. Corinthian.. if you look at his threads you will notice that he actually reads what other people are saying in his threads and responds with a couple of paragraphs of thought out posts.

    Now you may not agree with what he says, but it is not a toxic one liner retort..

    I know.. I would have just put a gif..

  11. Wait wait wait..

    A Volleyball tournament!?!

  12. I am one of those one line retort people whoops
  13. I nominate roni. She is the most active forumer and her threads get the most response.
  14. That time again already?

    Um I'll have to vote for cor since we had a nice albeit short conversation on builds and the current state of KaW around the beginning of this week.
  15. Grabs popcorn and awaits anti roni rage when she wins
  16. I would nominate myself but I have yet to reach even 100 posts ( as of this comment ), so therefore my nomination goes to Corinthian. He is respectful and gives generally well thought out responses.