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  1. [​IMG]When you're feeling down in the dumps , and you need a pick up to get you through the day , just come on forums and read AshesOfEdens threads , and he'll chase your blues away .
  2. Lmao ^

    Edit: they deleted it :cry:
  3. Support

    Why was my other support comment deleted? Lmao
  4. Wow, seriously it's not even worth coming to forums, everything that will be even remotely entertaining gets an immediate lock.. Forums is for fun, stop acting like a bunch of tyrants..

    A thread for celebrating the return of a regular contributor to these forums is reason enough to make a thread..



    Check out the horn on that one..
    Welcome back Ashes
  5. Ashes ️ welcome back pleb
  6. Yeah! Welcome back, ashes! I've missed you soooo much! Extra bromo! 
  7. Where is the man, the myth, the legend?
  8. Wut! I won something while I was banned!???

    I feel like Nelson Mendela..

    Or atleast Charlie Murphy on the Dave Chapelle show..
  9. Good to have you back ashes?, maybe the mod team might go to a regeneration clinic and get their humor restored, strand by strand 
  10. Presidant..? *facepalm*
  11. Well, you are the forum's Nelson Mandela!

    Can't understand why you'd be banned from forums, you should have gotten VK instead.

    Those forums are looking more and more like a North Korean travel discussion forum.

  12. I know! He reposted it spelled wrong. I love that part.
  13. i'm not american im from u.k and we dont have presidant's we have m.p's ( member of parliament ). and im a she not he !
  14. Pickup lines I have tried in UK (with various success)

    You seem to have good teeth

    You look better than Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day

    Would you like to ride the tube to Elephant and Castle?

    London bridge is falling down.. Falling down.. Falling down.. London bridge is falling down, my fair lady

    Can I go Picadilly on your circus?
  15. The chosen one has returned, much love for Ashes
  16. I thought the U.K. equivalent of president was the Prime Minister.

    I know! From hithertoforth, you shall be known as the Forum Prime Minister.

    Ooooooorrrrrrrrrrr ... How about the Forum Optimus Prime Minister?

    Or should I say, "Prime Ministaaahhh," so I sound more English?
  17. You just sound like a wasteman immitationCheese.