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  1. Well she’s probably more a man then your father is
  2. This is an open thread for any dialogue. Fire away, Sean.
  3. You are just weird
  4. Sean necrobumped an old thread of Choccy’s and then Choccy locked it. It was a “thank you” to Sean. Lol. Weird is 100% correct. Wonder why Sean wasn’t forum banned for a day for necrobumping? 
  5. <!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My first Website</title>
    <h1>This is a first heading</h1>

    Anyone familiar with HyperText Markup Language?
  6. Get a life you loser
  7. Just had some fun checking a player non-stop in a 5 minute, no increment chess game by constantly checking his king using my queen until he timed out!

    Starting from Move 40, after my queen captured his rook leaving him with only one king and one pawn to support him, move 41 to 76 are just...Check, check, check, as his time ticks down! Not to mention, his last pawn is dead at Move 71, Qxc7+

    It's so fun to make his king run around in circles!

    P.S- I left
    1:29 in my clock when he timed out!

  8. How do we know it’s not the other way around?

    Your king getting chased around check check checked ?
  9. New information regarding the ASW’s coming soon. A player was on two teams. Find out more soon.

  10. THIS

    Yeah I’m the one beating him at chess. He’s a tool over there too, even worse at tic/tac/toe. If you think he kisses dev & mod butt here you should see him on the checkers app.
  11. I’m a Muslim this Christian quote offends me please ban the poster
  12. No... Unless you specifically knew it was a Christian quote you have no way to tell it's from a religious text.

    What was posted was within the ToU so they have the right to post it same as you have the right to be offended over something so menial.
  13. It was already pointed out as religious text, Kezzer. But nice job being argumentative with a player. 
  14. Lol @bella
  15. Anything else, Kesser? :lol:
  16. Wow!
    They have different hells for different ppl ! I mean your so educated man... excellent

    Btw can u just check for me if they have mobile network out there !
    I just don’t wanna miss playing KaW,

    You know what I mean .. I don’t belong to either of those religs
  17. So, as pertinent new information is being gathered, Invincible99 aka K__ARMY__K, within a third party app has offered to sell accounts that were in ASW clans. Here is the proof:


  18. they’re not going to do anything lol. You can provide rock solid hold up in a court of law evidence. You can even get the person who selling the account to admit it and they still won’t do anything (truth) 

    Indirectly or directly botting and account selling both benefits ATA. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were complicit in both. 
  19. They for a fact knew Val was only KAWing to build and sell accounts  They all but verbally condoned his actions (truth) & he was doing it for years and they knew it.
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