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  1. Corinthians 13:11

    When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.

    ....Dave’s a religious Christian posting bible quotes

    Yup ...makes sense now 

    From now on Dave we (or I) won’t ever give you the benefit of the doubt

    ....keep your bible quotes out of the discussion please. I find it highly offensive . Were not all pope worshipping Catholics here Dave.

    You pushing religion should be against TOU if it isn’t already

    You’re moral judgment and soapbox preaching makes sense now
  2. Eh, I don’t care that he quoted something from the Bible. I don’t personally believe in a book written by men who lie, so it’s all good. :)
  3. So, ASW’s are screwed. The devs couldn’t even get a once a year event right. Let’s discuss this set of errors.
  4. Again something that actually could of put life into the game is again mucked up by poor planning! I wonder how many couldn't commit to this due to times of the wars! The tz across kaw are never given any thought! Further it just rewards the big boys again, time I think that we should have a tiered 2k 4k 6 k and so on to allow all sizes to take part
  5. Well I think that all clan bonuses should have been zero

    What say you Kesser? ( American version)
  6. I support this.
  7. Peeps forget kaw is a diverse kawmunity with all alts of peeps looking to silence off topic communications to avoid to much interacting an information getting leaked example only rule enforced by mods is bypassing while they over look there friends interactions beyond the scope of fair game play being alts themselves and devs don't do anything but let em so long as it cost someone else real cash
  8. Kesser is online. 

  9. lol idk he quotes from the bible ...Bible quote refers to the ways of a child and growing up blah blah blah

    it’s a 9+ year old rated “RPG” yeah sure 
  10. But seriously, these ASW’s are in distress. Todd, where is you GIF about times of distress?
  11. Well, the disaster thread is now locked due to Kezzer. Apparently it was going in circles. Nonetheless, this mishap is being buried and people are being manipulated out of their time and money. Discuss Kezzers recent lock of the disaster thread below. :)
  12. Love it. :)
  13. For the record, I am so glad I made this non-lockable thread. I am also glad that people have been awesome in responding and allowing our forums to be full of dialogue like they’re meant to be. :)
  14. Originally the OP asked for the thread to be locked. They then pm me asking for it to be opened so they could edit a post to quote my posts to help with clarity for it to them be relocked. I left it open for a bit longer as I had asw prep to do. When I came back to it people were discussing on the thread so I left it. At the end of it after numerous posts explaining everything people were still spreading false information hence the lock of it going around in circles. It literally went in a cycle of people saying false info about the issues and then the false info being cleared up then back to false info again. It was best to end it on a point that explained the situation.

    I am not saying there were no issues as there clearly were. I want there to be some kind of compensation for the team that faced cyan due to the issues they had.
  15. Well, there isn’t much you can do. A rematch should be done, but that would entail an entire new ASW to correct it. Compensation isn’t noteworthy as the first team that lost could have won. I think a lot of players have lost out on a true and fair experience this year and their own time and money.

    As for the thread, thanks for the explanation. I understand it was locked but as there was continued discussion on it, and it was requested and granted to be unlocked, it should have stayed that way. But you are the moderator with the final word. ;)
  16. Like I said the discussion wasn't really going anywhere except over points already made. At that point it's no longer helpful and misinformation was being spread. That combination just meant a lock after clearing up the misinformation.

    I definitely agree a rematch would have been great however I feel Winston already went over the specifics of that in great detail. It sucks about what happened but there's no fixing it now. I do foresee far more large scale war events coming though if the demand is there.
  17. Kezzer, let me explain to you that those who haven’t participated in this years ASW’s can not experience the emotion behind what happened. The devs can’t just place a band-aid over this and expect things to be the same. This was a huge error and completely dismantled the entire ASW’s engineered strategy for the player base that chose to participate. They have spent time and money in more ways then just purchasing in-app products. From time off work, to putting in extra hours at work to pay for an upper hand in winning this years ASW’s.

    I really don’t care what was explained by the devs. The fact of the matter is that the entire outcome of this has changed since that glitch. Reparations aren’t going to fix it, either.
  18. I wonder what kind of topics Bella might be open to talk about? I am feeling excited to meet them!
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