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  1. I found this to be quite hilarious. This was on that recent thread about the guy wanting clan members. Lol. Oh, Dave. 

  2. Dave did you make a funny ?
  3. “Effert”, twice. :lol: :lol:
  4. Dave you need to lock quest thread per RoC It’s been answered. Unless you gonna make up another rule. 
  5. Can you edit your post after you lock a thread Dave ?
  6. I wouldn’t think so, but they’re mods, so they do pretty much whatever they want. :lol:
  7. We have to unlock it first before we could edit.
  8. Actually incorrect, we can’t do anything what we want, we still abide to the rules here and the wishes of the developers on what’s their requests are, sometimes moderators like to have a sense of humour with certain things and if no one can’t pick up on them, why are you on the internet, everyone has a sense of humour these days and again remember, we are normal players too. 

  9. Ah the coherent eagle where is the other one ?
  10. So Kezzer (another brianiac ) has tried to convince the wc that penalised is the U.K. spelling of the American English word penalized. So I said if so than since U.K. is using S where Z goes then we are going to call it out.....his new name is Kesser

  11. ?? Sense of humor?? lol have to be kidding me. lol. You’re the most humorless ,joyless, square, dried up group of turds I’ve ever met. :)
  12. Dried up turds 
  13. ...actually thrawn is ok, most the rest of you suck lol

  14. Gotta give Todd props for being spectacular in his endeavors. 

  15. Thanx ...honestly easy and doesn’t take much time using correct apps and websites
  16. It truly is great work. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.