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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Original_Belladonna, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. Forum: What is it?

    A forum is a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. This means that dialogue is essential to any forum and is needed to progress the livelihood of the forum itself.

    The reason why I am posting this is due to the hinderance of dialogue in the form of bans and locks. Currently, there is a section in the Terms of Use regarding Off-Topic discussion being a ban-worthy offense or a lock of your thread. I believe this shouldn’t be absolute for a couple of reasons:

    1) Off-topic discussion is almost always guaranteed due to differing views and ideas. Analogies and examples are a major part of dialogue.

    2) Off-topic discussion is needed to progress the forums. You can’t have an exchange of ideas and views without it.

    As a paying player, I expect to have access to all aspects of the game. Not what someone chooses I can access. I put money into this game to experience the entire game, not parts of it. So locks and bans are ridiculous unless the person is really flying off the handle. Especially when that ban or lock is due to “off-topic discussion”. And when you’re not allowed to appeal it, it creates tension like you’ve never seen.

    I am requesting that the developers look into calibrating their “off-topic” rule and understand that not all off-topic discussion is ban-worthy like how the moderators think it is. Without off-topic discussion, we would have no forums. When you go to create a new post, you literally have to click into “Off-Topic” to create that new post. Why there is such vitriol for off-topic discussion is beyond me. Converse below, no dialogue here will be considered off-topic, or all of it can be considered off-topic. Whatever floats your boat. This is being posted in “Off-Topic”, so go wild. Just don’t be offensive. ;)
  2. You may have a point but how many times do people enter a forum thread for discussion of a particular topic and it’s run its course of 3 threads before it’s off topic? Also the off topic I find within the Forum RoC is when players are merely bashing or posting to not even a topic at all that’s remotely close. If people want to honestly go to a thread and post something off topic they could make it a topic by posting their own thread.
  3. My entire point to this thread was the constant excuse of “off-topic” discussion as the reason someone was banned or locked out.

    This is a war game, banter like that is bound to happen, either in forums or in world chat/on walls/in private message. There are limits to bashing, of course, but the fact that you’ll abuse your power on people who are only trying to ignite the forums. They in turn get salty because they were unjustly banned or locked so they continue going off-topic. I mean, don’t you guys see the hypocrisy when you let one thread run in circles while the other is shut down? Don’t you see the hypocrisy of banning someone for going off-topic when off-topic discussion is literally what makes a forum?
  4. I know I have a point, Titan. There is no “may” about it. The fact that you responded with that to begin with validates my point.
  5. The main problem is moderators with no forum experience. It was better when moose, slayerbob, or drgn were recently made moderators because they had a good understanding of the forum. Most mods like Titan god only have their number of posts because they insert themselves when they shouldn't.
    The developers are also responsible for the state of forums which is pretty clear when you think about how they used to graveyard popular threads whenever a new event was released. But now there is so little activity and events are so frequent that it doesn't really happen anymore.
  6. I think most discussion should be allowed here. Again, there are limits, but when off-topic discussion is censored the way it is, it creates tension. It’s not just forums either, World Chat has its share of favoritism and victimization as well.

    I’ve never really cared about post count, mine is pretty low, but I had another account back in the day. I remember when posts would stay open, even after their finalization unless players specifically asked for a lock. That doesn’t happen anymore. Slayerbob was one of the few mods that actually helped. We were allowed to shut the trolls down without fear of being reprimanded for “off-topic violations”. Now the trolls run rampant without any repercussions. You don’t see many high effort threads anymore, so forums shouldn’t be patrolled the way they are being patrolled now.

    I just want to post without the fear of being banned, unless I’m being obscene somehow. These forums aren’t for “specific” topics, you shouldn’t have to only have the option of support and no support and why you feel that way. Let the dialogue open up new avenues. It’s not really that much to ask for.
  7. Back when the forums were still enjoyable and stimulating a thread could be derailed for a very long time before it was locked. Either at the request of the OP or because it had gone it's course and there was not much more to be discussed. The off topic discussion was what made the forums a real community imo. Like what do you think happened to a thread when brood_warrior made noobs post about wearing tutus? They didn't talk about tutus for the rest of it lmao. Threads carried on until nobody cared about them and so they did not post on it anymore. The forum regulated itself pretty well without the help of mods. A lot of the activity from moderators in the forums has definitely had a huge part in shying away new forumers. But threads like ban the player above you still exist so idk it's whatever who cares
  8. Winston is the only kaw developer
  9. Yea, I miss how the forums used to be. You don’t see clan war threads, you don’t see stories, you don’t see much of anything apart from suggestions on “improving” the game. Sure, some things pass through the filter, but shortly thereafter, locked.

    I think if they actually cared enough about the people who support them, they’d show a little consideration. But of course they won’t, they expect to sit behind a computer all day, saying they are working on things, and hitting repeat on the event code while getting paid by us to do it.

    But hey, it’s not all bad. I was a sucker and wanted furniture. It became a bit addictive. I’ve slowed down on the spending though to be honest. But man, nothing like collecting things. That’s how they get you though. 
  10. I heard there were three. But it does seem like he’s the only one. 
  11. Could easily be resolved by making OP be able to remove/delete others post. Only the owner of the thread but then what would we need monitoring for?
  12. The only monitoring we need is for extreme vulgarity and harassment.
  13. very good point
  14. To whom does this refer to?
  15. Are we allowed to be off-topic on this thread?
  16. Yes, I have created this thread for anyone to put in any dialogue as long as it’s not offensive and vulgar to another player. Any topic is fair game, any comment is fair game. I want this to exceed a variety of things. This is a completely off-topic thread that allows players to express themselves freely.
  17. My baby bird recently hatched and I regret not taking daily photos of its growth. Granted it’s only a week old so I still have time but I’m still sad I didn’t document it from the beginning. Maybe I should still try.
  18. Aww, it’s not too late. I would go ahead and start snapping some photos. Maybe you can create a thread for the pictures. :)
  19. That was actually my plan which is why I was even more bummed that I didn’t take photos earlier!  (I’d only thought of the idea this morning)

    Actually, my original idea was to create a birb thread since I feel birbs as pets are under appreciated. Then that’s when I thought about sharing photos of my birbs (since people tend to always wanna share photos of their dogs or cats) and then I thought about a thread dedicated to my baby bird!

    I’ll start it today and collect photos then maybe share/start a thread next week
  20. I had a issue with my ingrown toe nail last nite! Kept me awake all nite tossing and turning! A full throb all nite long, kept me awake so bad I thought I should get up and do something! So I came to forums and read this post and thought I might share this with you all, ingrown toenails are so not talked about but extremely painfull, if you have never had one then your a lucky guy
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