Forum leaderboard July 2016

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  1. Old one. Seeing that makes me feel worse. It shows that I wasn't having forum posts spread out throughout a long period of time, just a short period in which I devoted way too much time.
  2. no. that is AN old one. that isn't THE old one. i found that one already. there are a couple of older ones.
  3. Another lb another unranked title for myself :)
  4. I remember when I was quite high up (10ish?) with just over 3000....

  5. That's the oldest one left now.
  6. Yay a LB I'm glad I'm not on. :lol:
  7. Damn, memories...
  8. Heyy I'm 100!!!!!! It's been forever since I really posted on forums
  9. This lb serves as players who made KAW forums great!
  10. I seriously don't even recognize a third of the people on the list

  11. Because they left before you joined ╮(╯▽╰)╭
  12. What? I'm not in there ?
  13. Not even close.
  14. Hey! I may be old but I'm not retired
  15. True for some, like shifter. But also some name changes. #2 used to be "you".
  16. Yeah, people like Moose, Toast, Ghoomba, Bastion, Delphin, IGropeCareBears, Balto, and Eric_Northman. Who were they? ?
  17. Looks like a bunch of noobs to me that don't really play the game
  18. Lmao yea

    Now we need a lb for genuine and quality posts :roll:
  19. Wow, I'm at 33... Well now I think it's 32
  20. Lots of good names on there. A few post count farmers but most of them were genuine good forumers.