FORUM GAME - Devious Devs

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by IIIIxX-IW_RI0_IW-XxIIII, May 10, 2014.

  1. (Devious as in hard to find)

    Ok, so... A new game, anyone who finds an actual response from a dev, post here quick so we can hound then.. Think of it like a new edition of Where's Wally if you want
  2. The devs have been responding like crazy the last few days. What is the point of this?
  3. Really? Responding like crazy you say? A couple of generic answers to just a couple of the problems raised whilst skipping over the main issue of the last few days?

    Hmmmm, 
  4. I'm almost positive devious doesn't mean hard to find....
  5. ^ You're right
  6. Devious means to be mischievous, to be cunning.

    A politician or spy can be devious.
    A recluse or a hermit could be hard to find.
  7. XD good job... A for effort
  8. Inb4KC appears