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  1. ^Overmoderation, how?

    I mean it probably played a part but lack of content plays way more of a part and I can agree with that point 100%.

    Very few people create a thread and when they do, it doesn't appeal to many readers.

    Hence a decrease in forum activity.

    The only thing that I can remember from this overmoderation point is, Eagle locking threads like his life depended on it.

    But that was a long time ago.
  2. Nobody creates real content so it becomes super baity or just flat out stupid. Then people flame and gives the appearance of overmodding
  3. No, people do create "real" content. What even is real in your books? There are plenty of threads in AT that aren't super baity or flat out stupid.

    I think everything you're writing is subjective and depends on the person.

    People flame all the time, it doesn't change anything. Even back in the good ol' days, people flamed. This point is irrelevant.

    What appearance of overmodding? Shot down most points.

    If we're going to continue on this arching overmodding point, I think we need to post examples.

    Otherwise, it seems kinda empty.
  4. I think you got a point with the subjectivity part. Compared to what people might remember forums/this game being, it is kinda empty. But if someone wasn't here for that, they wouldn't know.
  5. over modderating? who even mods forums anymore :lol:
  6. only threads i see have been locked recently is one of saltys and one of mine. salty requested it to be locked and well idk why mine was locked
  7. ^The point that was being made was that overmoderation led us to the KaW forums we have today.

    Not overmoderation is currently running rampant.

    Silly, xo
  8. Sometimes I look at ancient threads and ancient ss of threads, and man during the reminisced-about period of forums (late 2010-2012 for me personally), forum content actually 'sucked' most of the time. So many low effort, derailed, complaining, stupid, or otherwise "zero or little content" threads. Sure, there was good content, but that was the minority. Good threads were pretty regular, but nowhere near as regular as the crummy ones.

    But we, the community, made all those bad threads a lot of fun. Those are what my memories, my fond looking back on the future are from. It was less about content in the OP, and more about the 'content' we would create to respond to and be entertaining after the OP. Which frankly was also pretty bad/lame stuff, but was entertaining because we liked the people creating it.

    I have so many fond forum memories. But when I actually look back, there is never as much content as I remember. Just a lot of friends and acquaintances being buddies with each other, having a good time. Good content is always fun, but good people maintain the fun when there isn't good content.

    I just woke up, so this is a bit of a ramble. It's just something I've noticed when occasionally going through old stuff, never really had a chance to bring it up yet.
  9. silly me :(
  10. Am still in support of dis post it is v. Gud.
  11. XoXoX creamate gud poest
  12. I often read forums without a comment. Look at the thread with the most post.

    Ask any question thread. Lacks effort but still comes to active topics from time to time.

    It would be great to see forums alive like before.
  13. you’re all foolish with this. Keep turning a blind eye about the real problem and keep wondering why forums are trash now