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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by __Ferocity__, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. who even forums (or KaW's) anymore, seen a bit of a peak recently but other than that is it a stretch to say even 50 people check forums on the daily, issa shame
  2. lowkey wanted to see if i was still a gif warrior... can anyone see it? if not do you know how to fix it :(
  3. There’s a difference between checking and posting fyi
  4. yup i know, if forums was exciting enough there probably wouldnt though..
  5. The issue is people complain of a lack of content but don't want to create content.

    Also here's your gif
  6. I sUpPoRt tHiS
  7. meepmoopmeep
  8. Beepbeep.
    This thread is 10 guds. Much enjoy. Would recommend.
  9. I agree Kezzer, and the content created is usually negative.. which is fun too i guess :lol:
  10. 12 and a half gudshs
  11. Roni/Salty, I gotta say this is definitely much better than your other threads. Nice progress.

  12. i kindly ask you both to follow TOU (as you are so fond of Valk), in which i am referring to the defamation, slander and harrassment sections

    happy kawing! :)
  13. Wrong
  14. Right
  15. You gotta have a direct image link for it to show up on forums. That means a link ending in .jpg or .png or .gif etc
  16. Doesnt matter how many people view forums.

    As long as there's atleast 1 interesting thread and some meme-ing to be had, forums are fine.
  17. Hows it right shino? Everyone knows the overmoderation of the forums drove everyone away. Mods refuse to admit it though