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    Alright guys so i've been racking my brains trying to figure out a way to get involved with the community a bit more, and I have come up with a solution. A fortnight competition ! Cause who doesn't love winning free stuff right ?
    Its easy to enter, and easy to win, you just have to play smart. Follow the next steps on how to enter and you will be in the running to win a clan with the name of your choice !

    Each fortnight i will post another post similar to this with new rules in order to keep it interesting and not the plain old boring same thing. This week will be all about memes !
    Before we start I just want to make sure that we don't violate any of the TOU so please be aware of them before you post, don't ruin this for everyone please.

    • Step 1. Find a funny meme on the internet
      Step 2. If you think it is good enough to be the funniest one on the thread, post it !
      Step 3. Hope for the win !

    • Rule #1. Only one post per person
      Rule #2. Any more than one post per person and you will be disqualified from all of these competitions
      Rules #3. Players are encouraged to comment on their favourite meme, even if you have not entered the competition.
      Rule #4. The winner will be announced each Friday at 7pm EST


    So I am sure some of you wonder why I do this. So this section is to explain why I do !
    Kingdoms at War has a pretty large community, and it is fantastic to get everyone together and all involved ! So by doing this competition, I aim to create an environment where people can participate in a free competition, see some hilarious photos and maybe even make a few new friends online. I decided to use a clan as the prize in order to again help the community. New players are coming in every day and finding it difficult to enter into the game successfully and end up just quitting. My idea is that if there are more clans running smaller epic battles, then it will make the transition for new players a lot smoother as they will have many different options to choose from.
    There may be a few flaws in this, but isn't there in every idea ?

    So if you want to participate please dont hesitate, there is literally nothing bad that can happen so why not give it a go and help out the KAWmunity.
    If you want to help with this, perhaps donate clans or provide me suggestions with what next weeks topic should be, feel free to follow or post on my wall, all help and ideas are appreciated if they are reasonable.

    I would just like to link you guys to my other thread recently posted as well, go check it out if you haven't already, support me if you like what I am trying to do !

    Thankyou all again and please don't hesitate to participate or give me ideas on how to make it better !

    Ill start the competition off too !
  2. Reserved for the winner's name
  3. For all you people new to university XD
  4. For those of you that dont know what a fortnight is, its 2 weeks.
  5. Apologies for the lame bb codes,

    For the competition, it will start on the sunday when i post the thread, then go through to the friday
    The next week will be a gap, and then will start again the week after that, etc etc
  6. best so far

  7. Haha I was thinking the same thing, and it's the best so far 
  8. Lol gg to u sir or madam
  9. One problem: lots of people don't know how to post memes
  10. that took me a while to find the computer lol.
  11. Also, there was a plant.
    (By also I meant that I fixed the imagefit
  12. maybe offer a price more than... nothing?
  13. This one gets my vote... Seriously guys, resize your picture first. Makes it look 10x better.
  14. Upon careful consideration, a winner has been chosen !!!
    Congratulations to Yusuff13 on his winning meme, both funny an relatable ! Well done, I will be sure to message you so you can claim your prize, being your very own clan, tailored to your wants 
  15. Keep an eye out for my next competition, hopefully we can get a higher participation rate !!