Formal apology to Yafi

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  1. Wipe my candy butt? I honestly don't have any idea how to respond to that. Besides, why should I reveal my main? If I did I'd be strip farmed in an instant by who knows how many people.
  2. I pm'd him to tell to him he's wrong and he knows it. Yafi has absolutely 0 proof of said target being me. Because there not one.

    They are bullies just I said who hide behind this Mirage of good. Even their clan page incorporates the concept of rising up against the oppressor.


    Bp wanted to talk CF. he can post our convo if I'm wrong. I've given plenty of proof to this community over the years. I'm done with that. =)

    Please try better next time stateless alt.
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  3. LMAO, yeah, you got a candy ass you scared little ****. Your nothing better then a statless alt talking crap out of his ass. No worries tho my friend, am in pm with someone who knows your main.
  4. Well it only took 2 hits to repin you.

    I really don't like imaster or that osw farmersrus guy..
  5. @Romulus
    ya okay heard that many times. Have fun with that.
    I just unloaded on Makki before logging on forums. Sorry you only got those few hits in. Maybe I can squeeze you in tomorrow.
  6. You remember me well, we talked in pm with your main at one point. All i can hover, is that he is a omet.
  7. You talked in PM with this account, under a different name. Dumbass. Should really track me better if ya wanna know who my main is that bad.
  8. iMaster why unload on someone who barely gives you Inc? You gonna keep me bored kr what?
  9. LMAO, i know who i talked to you fool. You were in Sotuw. And then went omet and were a pretty decent sized account. Don't BS and say u reset becuz, i know exactly which account your on. Was mine at one point >.^
  10. I just unloaded my quarter bar on ya, what else do ya want? Give me TIME man! lol
  11. Dear Iprophet,

    Again, you had never failed to amused me. But why would black leopard would want to ask for a CF? I mean after all, YAFI have nothing to lose. And the fact is, they had not lose any clan members compare to your clan. Again, I believe you are starting your manipulation plan not to my surprise. :lol: :lol: :lol: But it will be interesting if you can share to the KAW community the SS of the PM so that we can see your masterpiece again. I am a fan of your manipulation tactics. :lol: :lol:

    Another point is that, YAFI clan page was long ago set up as I remember during OS/AAH war where I was involved in the war with YAFI. No one had brought it up til today except you. So again, I find it amusing that now even now their profile page is an issue to you. It appears to me that you had lost your ammo on the battle with them. :lol:

    My advise to you, mayb you should concentrate on Jayde and find a job to sustain in real life. :cool: Kawing is just taking a toll on you.
  12. All I can say, is SS or bs.
  13. Lol @ the guy giving iProphet and Jayde relationship advice.
  14. I make a point to stay off other people's war thread. This is a lame attempt to look tough by Iprophet so here I go ........

    Anyone who knows anything knows Yafi gives and receives respect.

    Anyone. And I mean EVERYONE knows prophet is a piece of .

    During our zaft war he threatened to join in and help zaft (like they needed it) if we didn't pay him 3 tril. We told him to stuff it and he chickened out. (  that's truth )

    I'd ask him for 3 tril now to keep us off him now but he so broke and busted from Yafi that ill save my breath.

    You talk about real substance but all u do is jump on bandwagons with noobs in forums with ur alts.

    I hope Yafi destroy ur whole clan. LoL
  15. Banned for what? The name OMET was mine at one point. :lol: But yeah, VAS i know which account am talking about. dont BS. Am getting closer to your main day by day.
  16. You owned the name OMET? :eek: :roll: Everyone knows I am Vasilias. If you didn't then you're a moron. Keep tracking my main, I don't even have him followed on this account.
  17. Cambji has diagnosed iProphet to suffer from megalomania.
    To explain why iProphet continues what he says:
    And to explain why he continues to post on forum on a new thread (to get more responses) after he broke the ToU of forums repeatedly in the previous thread to get it deleted:

    Cambji has also pointed out in the previous thread indications of megalomania in a certain player who claims to be able to trade 10T of allies a day, and even 37T on a good day. :lol:
  18. How did I know your stateless alt would e yafi affiliated? So shocking.

    Yeah mate. You got me. My clan has abandon me. Next thing ya know, my "main" is gonna get stripped off the lb. What ever shall I do. Lmao
  19. Yeah sure why not. Yeah i know who you are dumbass. I ain't getting anything mixed up, but its cool continue being a scared prick on forums, talking with a big mouth on a alt.
  20. I know for ******* certain this account was the one I was omet on, because my guide I made about builds (YES that one in the Strategy section) had the OMETOTCHTLI name for almost 3 months after I changed names.