Formal apology to Yafi

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  1. "I'm so sorry for my aching sore butt"
    That's the first one he should have posted. I mean, poor little thing!  It must really be in huge pain now.
  2. Oli I thought that was Swabia. Oh wait, that's so 2 months ago lol
  3. Lol I put "one of" didn't I? 

    Proph got hurt by my post lmaoooo


    Look at my wall
  5. "Learn better manners"

    Coming from proph?

    Am I being punked? :lol:

    Oh this **** is rich.
  6. Nah oli. Thanks to yafi I'm banked up. And I've been waiting to farm you a long time.

    Grab those ankles boy. This won't even be a challenge.
  7. That's cute. :lol:

    Ask me if I care? Dude you are so pathetic it's funny.

    Gonna make a thread for it ya old attention whore?

    At least put my name in the title please
  8. Ah I see you have 0 sdp. Talk about easy.
  9. *notices there is a noob hitting me*

    Something you should learn, op.
  10. This in itself makes no sense, as there are many factors different in iProphet and your circimstances (btw if anyone comments HA U SPELD THT RONG, please apply your palm to your forehead)
    A few things different being how you are smaller=more likely to be hit by an actual noob
    You aren't as widely known as iProph, so you're newsfeed will be a hell of a lot different.

    Need more? Well, you're a nub forumer who thinks he is a badass because he got good responses on his first few threads.
  11. LOL the other thread got deleted?
  12. *Pulls out Journal*
    "June 11th 2013, Today iProphet makes a fool of himself trying to get attention on forums, and ends up looking like a nimwit."
  13. Ya because Yafi started talking in other languages and bypassing and referring to Jayde as part of the "KKK" <--that says the letter after J in the alphabet three times in a row.
  14. Dear Iprophet,

    I find it amusing that you actually PM Black Leopard as mentioned in your post asking for CF. Why issit so? I thought that you are Master of Manipulation, and you expect YAFI to believe you on your CF request after you unfold your master piece? But in the first place, why are you seeking or "pleading" for CF? Issit because you are losing your clan members who slowly finding you a retard? Or issit because you are losing your friends after stabbing them at the back just like you stabbed QueenVasia and Resilient_One?

    To summarise on previous deleted thread, I do pity Jayde who is your RL partner according to KAW community. If you can be a good manipulator as you proclaimed, I wonder if you did manipulate Jayde too. Study shown that a manipulator or a frequent liar, find it hard to change his character. So mayb she need to think about her future with you. (Btw apart from reliable sources that you live on by Jayde support, you do have the looks of a bum from the pictures you had post in the previous thread. I personally find it dumb to post your own pictures just to make your point across, but wait, i sure you will say you manipulate all of us and that picture is not you. hahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: )

    In summary, whether you are cratnas or now, I let developers do the necessary actions as they can see it from the IP address that account is logged in. But I do hope the whole kaw community can applaud iprophet on his efforts for entertaining us with his master piece and making a mockery on his ownself. :lol: :lol:
  15. I expected that...
  16. @iMaster you are a failed Kawer I did FB unloads on you and only 7 Inc back? (All
    Scouts) I am bigger then you but since you say YAFI are bullies I wana show you what the meaning of being a bully is. Now shut up and pot up so I can burn em.
  17. @iMaster
    A few people are farming me, I don't care. I do not think I am "badass", because I am not. It seems like you are the one here that is trying to be badass. So what if my first few threads have decent responses. Good for me. That comment has nothing to do with anything I have said now, or in the past. I do not care what you think of me. Call me a nub forumer, or anything all you want.
  18. He accually has a main, but hides it. cos he scared we gonna wipe his candy butt :lol:
  19. Come on leh, farm me :)

    Been waiting for hits for a long time. U need me to put out a few billions for you to hit?
  20. If you haven't been paying attention to my wall, as I'm sure you read at least once, I'm being pinned quite often. Sorry I don't have the time nor the fucks to fight you back.