Formal apology to Yafi

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  1. @Alison! Well such a weird word used by a lovely lady like u! Wondering if your point does mean you got same frustration ... All tastes can be find in the nature
  2. Yes. An odd word. Sounds odd to say out loud. And yes all tastes can be found in nature. Not for everyone though. Not for me.
  3. Barney is here to love you!
    A big hug for you!

    I love you, you love me, we are one big KawFamily :lol:
  4. I'm sorry barney. I'm only little. You to big for me, for hugs. Barney is a fat persons name anyway 
  5. But it's for -Alison-, not you -Amelia- :lol:

    But don't worry, I love you too :lol:
  6. I'm reading this thread, and i'm wondering....
    will barney give ME a hug too? Not that I WANT a hug, it's know, since he's giving out hugs...and I figure, i'm here too and all...

    Oh who am I kidding, I want a hug.
  7. This is why ur the sickest on kaw 
  8. How's though's eb's paying??You all got more power than that right??You talk so big??What's going on over there??The Despair??
  9. Sorry for a Necro bump but these forums are dead anyways... And Cambji seems to have forgotten this epic fail by YAFI.

    Give em hell NAL😂


  10. So much winning😂
  11. The butthurt runs deep and long with iprophet lol.

    Hate to burst your bubble but the only thing NA gives to Cambji is tears in wc 😁
  12. I definitely made Camji cry often when he wakes up full news with Musang name. Musang making Camji breath deep every morning 😂
  13. If you closely on this thread. Most YAFI accounts who posted resetted accounts after warring New Age in a year. You can clearly see their name with this * beside it. Others original YAFI who posted here like Leo, rocketman, harrier, -Appleseeds- (resetted) and others still here and will be inactive until server pulled out. Once the mighty YAFI bully clan now become homeless war runners. Thanks to New Age and Twicc. I have nothing to do with YAFI destruction. All the hard work done by New Age and Twicc crazy pitbull attitude. Twicc is my KAW hero.
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  14. Trying to decide what epic jazz music to play when reading about this same OSW over and over.
  15. Twicc3k would be your hero, the one that rage quit an all of new age quit with him they couldn’t handle Yafi an he handed the keys to you an of course you took that you done killed idd moved ya alts over recruited a few EB fairies that think they can osw but mostly cry lmao pretty much sums up your kaw RP life Musang just keep on flapping ya gums it’s entertaining 😏 And quit begging for a CF not gonna happen little man 😁
  16. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!😂😂😂
  17. If you closely on this thread most IDD accounts are inactive after warring Kings Lounge after a couple of years. Kings Lounge, an EB clan, made IDD disband. Once, the always weak bully clan, IDD became homeless butthurt eb fairies. Butthurt Musang then became twicc's faithful cheerleader for life.

    You Still Suck
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  18. Introducing New Age Legends - the somewhat inactive remnants of many many clans, New Age, New Age Brazil, IDD, and many more disbanded.
    Where is Musang
    Where is Musang


    Heard a bunch of Musangs were forcibly retired by Kaw.

    Twicc3k rage quit a 3rd time.
    What happened? That's the pitbull attitude?
  19. Ok so in all seriousness and putting the trolling aside .....New Age has sucked for a really long time now and for real IDD was never anything and now Musang is nothing but an ass clown ...he being one of KAW biggest has been, wanna be, never was nothings. New Age had credibility years ago before their OSW with Yafi but since then has become a joke. Honestly they haven't achieved anything since the Yafi OSW started ....literally nothing. Except spend money (TWICC) (ATA thanks you).

    On the other hand IDD never had credibility before Musang became TWICC's gimp, Musang and IDD would farm eb fairy clans and even then half of those EB fairy clans would force IDD into mutual CF, except for Kings Lounge (eb clan) that eventually made IDD disband.

    Everyone who's been around long enough and has been half ass following this knows this is truth.

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