Formal apology to Yafi

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Uptown_Funk, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Black Leo has suggested I apologize to Yafi in order to gain CF.

    Well here it goes.

    - I'm sorry your egos are so big you can't see past them far enough to know that you haven't hurt me a bit.

    - I'm sorry you fail strip this account.

    - I'm sorry you failed finding my "main" and stripped the wrong account.

    - I'm sorry you're so stuck on yourselves that you can't understand that the above two are actually true.

    - I'm sorry you're not as mentally tough as I thought and I "butthurted" your feelings by calling yafi bullies. I would have never done so if I knew it would hurt you so much.

    - Most of all I'm sorry this is the best apology thread I can give.

    Don't be mad this is the best I can do. I did try and well, you asked for it.

    Happy kawing
  2. ....*runs away*...
  3. 

    That's all I can say lol
  4. ... *Grabs Popcorn for thrashing*
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: i love this. Even though its against Yafi, i love it.
  6. Drgns to Zaft was better.
  7. I made a cf thread like this once they fell for it them three hours later resumed farming me upon reading it ... They went inactive
  8. Yea agree GCB but I Guess this will have to do for now Looks like this isn't going to end anytime soon lol

  9. OP really loves to lose, doesn't he? XD
  10. I feel bad about the guy that got stripped for nothing
  11. Sorry for the hijack here,but id like to read Drgn's to ZAFT,anyone have a link? Im on phone,no search button.

    Back on topic though,pretty funny apology thread.
  12. Lolz *waits intently for any YAFI member to post* :D
  13. This isn't meant to be funny like drgns was. Which should be best of by now.

    These are the things I'm truly sorry for.

    We all know those apology request are just ego strokes. They have no real substance. At least mine is sincere.
  14. The suspense is killing me
  15. Where did the other thread go? I was on page 69....then it was gone. :'(
  16. Wow. Thats not you're main? You sir, have one big alt.
  17. Can someone link Drgn's thread? I'm interested now.
  18. I'm sorry for being one of KaWs biggest attention whores*

    ^ you forgot one.