Forgiveness of stolen valor

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  1. I recently joked about being in the army and I am sorry to all active and veteran people in every branch I hope you forgive me and will never do it again sorry and please forgive me it was a stupid joke and never should of happened also I apologize to all the real army people and their wives. Sorry for saying that I went to serve for 2 years I did not go there at all sorry about everything I said please forgive me
  2. You owe me 100 push-ups.
  3. At least
  4. Ehhh, you pretended to be Army....that's just a step above Boy scouts......

    Just kidding. Just kidding...

    I served in the marines special ops...all I can say is you're lucky this isn't real life....I don't take kindly to lieing about takes a lot to admit you mistake though. Thanks for setting the record straight.
  5. Like Kevin Costner (The_Postman) said.

    Don't do that in real life. You got caught here and you're able to apologize. Thanks for at least apologizing. I wouldn't take kindly to hearing that in person though.

    Now go be honest with everybody and yourself, life is easier that way.
  7. This guy.
  8. Push up position DOWN
  9. Still got a chance to enlist. Go for it little noob.
  10. I will forgive you for only 90 press ups.
  11. Wish you had said it in real life. Would love to have seem your ass get handed to you.
  12. ʏօʊ ɦaʋɛ ɨռsʊʟtɛɖ ɛʍքɨʀɛ օʄ ʝaքaռ ɢʟօʀɨօʊs aʀʍʏ! ɖօ 100000000000000000 քʊsɦ ʊքs ɨʄ ʏօʊ աaռt ɢɛռɛʀaʟ Yaʍasɦɨta tօ ʄօʀɢɨʋɛ ʏօʊ!

    ɢɛռɛʀaʟ ʏaʍasɦɨta
    ɛʍքɨʀɛ օʄ ʝaքaռ ɢɛռɛʀaʟ
  13. Lol most of the people here claiming to have served probably havent either, nice to see someone owning up to it :)
  14. I love the brits who say they've been in the military when they were just the royal/ queens guard 
  15. Screw 100 make it 1k dont joke about that stuff people risk there lifes to protect this country
  16. 100 pushups for each active/reserve serviceman/woman and all veterans alive/deceased
  17. They are hand picked from Britain's elite military operatives.