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  1. Todd finally hit me guys I think we're becoming true friends
  2. Oh you are still here
  3. Yeah I actually haven't stopped posting at all on forums so not really sure what your point is lol still on every thread
  4. As an imposter bunny, this is inappropriate. This is he reason why we're getting poached. All you do is post untrue content about us and paint us in a bad light. Why not show the good parts of our society as well and not just the bad stuff? It's just unacceptable how you can get away with doing things like this. Not all bunnies are pole-dancing, but every time I open this thread that's all I see. It's just terrible. We're animals too. I graduated top of my class in Biology, however, you never see that as a topic. Nooooo, all you see is this type of content showing everything that's wrong with our society. We're trying to fix that, but it takes time. We currently do not have all the resources to fix it, and it will take time. Meanwhile, please stop posting this type of stuff. All this does is make people think we're a bad society and need to be killed off. This forces us to divert more resources to self-defence and prevent us from using those resources in order to improve the lives of bunny pole-dancers. Instead, post what we just accomplished in burrowing, or our new long jump world record holder. Just please, don't only post the bad parts of our society.

    Thank you. Think before you post.
  5. Leave it to veronica to make my day with that bunny gif :3 thanks darling
  6. "Make my day" because you make up the things that happen in your life everyday
  7. Wattz you don't need sellouts and traitors as your friends .don't sweat the small people .
  8. Thankyou Lili that's such a sweet gif.Hi Jenni and hi glenn !
  9. Too blurry to read roni.
  10. I changed the background.Hopefully its a bit clearer now.The words are really good and true.[​IMG] By the way Jenni this quote is to you or should I say john.
  11. Ironic
  12. Still too blurry to read on mobile, Roni.
  13. purpleeyelash you are totally pathetic you kissing up to your enemys that's weak and shows behind your big talk is s cowering chicken.
  14. Ill copy the words in five minites of it.
  15. You guys are like teenage girls honestly.
  16. I am a teenage girl lmao
  17. I literally don't have any enemies in this game like if people hit me I'm like dang ok and move on
  18. Oh, I already copied them.

  19. This is kind of depressing