For SkinnyMinny

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  1. Hey glenn ! How are you pertaining and holding up this time round ? Or are you beginning to get itchy feet ? When you get the call from the wild again - Just say no !!
  2. catfish calling a catfish a catfish
  3. But I'm not a catfish :/
  4. how does saying i had a goth/punk/skater look in high school make me a catfish? :?
  5. i don't think it exists anymore.

    but that is sometimes true when you talk about the distant past...

    sober up, todd.
  6. lol just got skinny booted 
  7. no 
  8. fair enough. :lol:
  9. Someone stole 7,098,796 gold from you!

    i'll never recover. i must commit kaw sepukku.
  10. lol why do U always display your butthurt in forums? 
  11. Todd why have you never hit me :( I'm jealous everyone else gets your attention
  12. idk. why do you think you aren't a joke?
  13. yeah todd. you could use IXXIXI_monkey-poo_XXIXIX

  14. For my best Kaw friend Roni
  15. I don't have a best kaw friend
  16. Let's throw you a pity party then
  17. The only party y'all will be attending is Skinny and I's wedding.