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  1. And venom aka knight you're not wrong :- birds of a feather flock together.and me and SkinnyMinny have stayed united together & fighted many .We even fighted True spartans and were in the c.a. The enemy who would have also been your enemy if you hadn't run out of Last Rights and ran from the Apoc osw.You ain't a bird you're just a chicken.
  2. Sorry I dud noot fihfted. :lol:

    Apparently to roni doing an indi = running from osw. Poor fool almost got forum banned yesterday.
    I don't think I've ever claimed to be a bird.
  3. Am I the only one who can never understand roni also are roni and skinny minny the same person
  4. He's got a few screws loose. Don't expect him to make any sense. If anything, I find him amusing in a sad kind of way.

    They're probably the same guy. Considering how Alison already admitted to being a catfish for 2+ years.
  5. Idk apparently they think I'm a catfish from pimd who's trying to take over these glorious forums so
  6. lol ..sorry, we get a lot of them  we're paranoid now 


  7. Ah, Skinny and I's first night together.
  8. It's ok i mean still report me to the show id love to meet nev
  9. Totally found roni irl

  10. Roni is actually a girl, and skinny was a girl and is now a guy (yeah, I know) soooo not sure what to do about that.
  11. Accept them for who they are #prolgbt
  12. Yay! Buddies for life. Skinny and Roni i am here for you always!
  13. That's priceless considering you're a dude.
  14. LMAO
  15. Wouldn't think Venom the type to Run, Much Respect For Those warriors That have lasted and None for those who speak of an osw "that DOESN'T EVEN PERTAIN"to them.
  16. Says the guy in an eb clan instead of at home fighting the osw, and judging from your wall you spend a lot of time in those hte clans. You might as well be a runner.
  17. Exactly glenn you nailed it venom / knight is exactly the same is more out of last rights in h.t.e clans or in other outside clans doing ebs .Then he has the nerve to try insult me and talk lies .
  18. Haha Atom I love that gif but the thing is most like immitation cheese can't stay rigid and ignore me !! How long you been in kotfe assassins frost ?