For new players!!

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  1. OK this is just a quick thread for all these new players out there. I know there are so many different builds out there and so many different clans you don't know who to chose from. If been around kaw a while now and have had every build so far besides these shadow hansels. I know slot of different types of clans and people to help new players make the decisions they want in clans and builds so any new player feel free to wall me if you are in need of assistance I'm sure .can point you in the right direction on where u want to be...happy kawing
  2. New players may not know "KaW Terminology". I highly suggest explaining better, making multiple paragraphs, and using proper grammar.
  3. just kidding folks join black hand if you want a proper build not an eb fairy build
  4. Support! New player! Click on mine or his name and click wal and post to our wall if y'all need help!
  5. support!
  6. Hey everyone if
    Y'all need a starter clan come join dark sun! Good group
    Of helpfully players!
  7. Is just a thread to maybe help so new players is all
  8. This is horrible. My suggestion is scamming hte after making an acct and go straight to gh
  9. Scamming hte... gets u farmed
  10. Its OK OP, I know slots too. You give the quarters, and they eat them right up.
  11. What is a build?

    To build or not to build
  12. And you won't get farmed for scamming HTE if you are good at it (^.^)
  13. Support always good to get a good start in kaw with some great advice.
  14. I don't think this will get u the VK award. But nice try 