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  1. I think the drop to 50k was a great idea, but I agree this doesnt help clan loyalty at all. We are still at a huge disadvantage with respect to growth. With the added lands, even more now. I still have not even been able to add 1 new building. Devs had a framework from previous events to add more % drops the longer you stay in the clan. It shouldnt be hard to implement it across the board. Also, if they made crestplates drop in accordance with how long you stayed for that particular eb it would be a lot more equitable. I'm sure that could be implemented so that those who stay and hit for an entire eb should have priority drops over new joins. This current system really hurts Owners in particular. I'm blessed to have amazing War Chiefs and high up admins who pretty much never hop either (to their detriment too). I'm sure many owners can say the same out their high ranking admins. Owners and loyal clan members (admins and soldiers) shouldnt be hurt by staying the the clan to facilitate those who choose to hop. I realize we will never compete in terms of the event drops, but I see a much larger gap growing because of the crestplate discrepancy given the new land situation. There are many great clans who are mid size who could really use the growth burst to help them. When clans are helped, faster times will help hoppers as well. Let's let the smalls and mids grow properly, we could all use a level playing field with growth for the time we put in. Please consider it, many owners are frustrated and I hope they speak up. Yes I can give ownership to several people in my clan without worry, but is this the road we should be forced to go down? A captain sinks with their ship, leaving home isnt something I want to do very often unless it's to help a friend or spend a few hours at a pay eb clan
  2. Support, but it won’t ever happen. Even if you stop players from hopping, wats still exist and people still want to war. You’d lose the clan bonus from going out to do a war every day. Only people that would benefit from this are those who don’t spend much time on the game to start with, and devs wanna support those who toss them the dollar signs.
  3. Didn't they make a solution for that back in the oathkeeper's challenge event? Wherein the warrers have a chance to join back into their clan after war, without losing their clan loyalty bonus (for that event)?.. Didn't it end well for warrers at that time?..
  4. This could and would be abused by alts no suppor! Get good
  5. Crestplates cant be traded, so I dont see where the problem is.
  6. You are asking for a LOT more than just plates lol seems like you are just a begger asking for handouts
  7. Support
    Side note, even if this wasn't implemented in every event, at least make events where clan loyalty is rewarded a more frequent occurrence, as it would add more variety to the rinse and repeat feel that these events currently have.
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  8. @SenzuBeanCartel I'm not a beggar, I created this thread after a suggestion received from devs to find out how the Kawmunity feels. Players who jump get far more rewards than loyal clan members, which isn't right. And the more who jump the weaker the eb hosting clans become. It's a fairly simple equation. Eb clans like receiving jumpers to finish eb quicker but they shud get rewarded for the groundwork. If no more eb hosting clans and only jumpers, goodbye Kaw and goodbye income for Ata.
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  9. Maybe a timed daily sign in bonus?
  10. A step further would be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly and a percentage bonus for leadership in accordance with their rank!
  11. That's ideal for keeping players interested in the game (if you are talking about the same format that most games have). But I suppose this idea deserves to be discussed in another thread dedicated for it, as it supports the life span of the game community, and not necessarily clan loyalty.

    But if you're talking about the daily sign-in in clans for monitoring clan loyalty, the devs already made a system for that in the past event (oathkeeper's challenge. You can check out the thread about it). It's just strange that they didn't do anything about it after that (but, who knows seeing this thread's support?).

    ... I don't recommend it, in my opinion.. Mostly because the ability to promote lies within the admins. If an admin overlooked a member of low status (recruiter, knight etc.) due to their lack of activity in cc, then that means that they wouldn't get the bonus that they deserved for staying in the clan. But, the clan also had the right to judge whether the less chatty didn't deserve such bonus (if it were to be implemented). Either way, it can be opinion-based, and I think it might lead to misunderstanding or competition in the future, which doesn't sound good in promoting clan loyalty.

    Plus, new clans will have to promote admins immediately, even though such admins haven't stayed in the clan that much yet.. Just saying✌️
  12. Also, I like the idea of volunteering to be an admin (or accepting the responsibility out of your own will), rather than trying your best to be promoted just for the sake of rewards (or bonus). I think it truly shows who's willing to serve and be loyal to a clan out of their own will👍 That's why I support time-basis bonus rather than rank-basis (while taking into mind the warrers, which again, the devs minded about in the same event).
  13. Agree 100 %
  14. I agree 100% to the suggestions from Awen. It is vital to improve clan lojality. Double cp drops and eb bonus for staying in same clan will make it easier for clans to grow strong together.

    As clan owner, I also recommend devs to develop new eb's that clans must do some cooperation to fulfil (not only attac & assa, but some cooperation between clan members that make clan chat more active).

    Cheers! 🍻🍺🍻😎
  15. Hi again devs, back from vacation. You have solved half the problem. Thank you for that. But what about the2nd half, increased crestplate drops and eb bonus for loyal clan members. You did it before. Why cant you make this a permanent feature to motivate loyal clan members?
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  16. If they implement that feature, rather than doubling for one count of 15min eb timer, maybe each timer ads a percentage. So if I stop jumping and join a clan I get say a 5% bonus for each timer till I hit 100% bonus or something? Maybe even set it up so you only get your 5% for each timer before eb's you actually participate in? That way I don't instantly get double rewards if I choose to park in a clan while I sleep? And if they made it visible like a plunder bonus or something admin could use this to easily see loyal members even if they aren't active in cc.
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  17. 100% Support for the clan loyalty bonus.
    Suggesting a win-win solution for both players and ATA. ATA can introduce an increasing % bonus based on number of actions on each EB. This way loyal clan members who's been hitting whole day gets more drop than the jumper who's just done an unload. Jumpers who want to get more drop can use xtal to increase their dropout, increasing sales for ATA for xtal purchase
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  18. Thank you for the event rewarding clan loyalty devs. We hope it will become a permanent feature.
    Still have a question, will you also increase crestplate drops? Hopped around for 4 hrs last event and got 30 drops, which doesnt happen if you stay inside yr clan. Do you intend to increase drops of plates as well?
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