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  1. They will not do clan loyalty because of premium ebs, but the reply you will get from Dev's is that because players go out for war.
    They can't implement the idea.
    As long as there are premium ebs, there will be hoppers.
    Even I do clan hop and try to reach goal as fast as possible.
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  2. They did it last year Kenpatchi. The eb bonus gradually increased and clan players cud jump out for war and return with losing out. But eb bonus isnt fab just by itself. We need more crestplate drops and event drops seeing how the game has evolved.
  3. Plse keep the supports coming!
  4. I support. The importance of an actual home clan seems to missing in this game in my opinion. This coming from a player who does jump a bit. I wouldn't mind an incentive for staying around.
  5. Good news.
    I heard from a mod that devs and mods will discuss this issue.
    Thanks to all who have supported this thread.
    Plse get your friends to sign it too.
    The more support we get, the higher the chances.
    Thank you Kawmunity!
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  6. Support 100%
  7. Full Support indeed. Clan wars already killed and now clan EBs killing it further 🤷‍♂️ Go Figur
  8. I support clan loyalty and added drops for those loyal clan mates! Thank you for all the hard work admin put in too keep their clans running smoothly!
  9. Support !!!
  10. Am fortunate to be in a clan that vary rarely ao for mb , also a clan that does both noth n goth fairly quickly and I would consider myself to be an above average activity level and I still struggle to attain the 75k reward, the idea to have a goal in each event is good but to change it to a level where even bigs struggle is so stupid , I can only like many presume the devs have done it to increase revenue by forcing clans to run prem ebs , however it is having the opposite effect where guys are now no longer interested in getting the top reward and just go for the 40k one, bring back the original target please
  11. Well devs and mods,
    Have you talked? What is the result? We wud like to know.
  12. Looks like they have dropped back to 50k as the final tier and added a top 250 lb instead.

    Doesn't solve the clan loyalty issue but atleast 50k is the final tier again
  13. This change implemented by devs falls short of players' expectations. Fine we may now be able to finish event inside clan. But we still don't get any reward for clan loyalty. Again you force players to jump for crestplates weakening eb hosting clans. Now everybody wants paluden plates. Many have spent their tokens. So far not one paluden drop here and I havent missed a single eb. We still need better drops for those who dont jump. Better eb bonus and higher plate drops.
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