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  1. Thks Aventura, that's exactly what I meant. Members who dont hop shud benefit from double drops and double crestplate drops. Currently if you dont hop you cant complete event and you grow very slowly. So for us new lands sound like the drop too much.
  2. And our clan has oswarred and played together for mamy years. So yes people are loyal, but the game does not reward loyalty.
  3. Support. The game needs to change things to reward clan loyalty. You shouldn't have to clan hop in order to be able to grow at a decent rate. Right now the game forces you to choose a home clan or your own personal growth.
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  4. Plse keep the supports coming. Devs and a mod have promised to read it.
  5. Support fully!
  6. Spent 6 hours hopping today and got 20 crestplates and completed side legends, if I had stayed in clan wud probably have got 2 or 4 and wudn't have completed. We need better rewards for loyal clan members. Noticed also that there are less clans ads, so that means more clans are struggling. Devs plse correct the game.
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  7. Support! Majorly, I'm struggling trying to keep my clan going, and completely sacrificed my growth.
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  8. The issue I have is a goal should be realistic. Let's say you want to reserve top rewards (regular rewards up to 75k) to the top 20 or 30% of clans, that would be realistic. Right now my clan fluctuates from LB 7 to LB 10 and not many are faster than us, or at least significantly enough to make a material difference. This means that a regular NOTH/GOTH lineup even among the fastest clans is not enough to make the highest tier. We have the top 100, 50,10 and 1 for those who want to spend and hop, but the regular events should be done in a realistic manner as to create a realistic challenge or goal. The reward is not my concern, the fairness aspect is. A top 10 clan running 2-3hr ebs should be sufficient in clearing the final event challenge
  9. Dev's - This is my reply, so that you can read it.

    We all know you will never do clan loyalty, bcoz you don't want to lose it pocket money from premium players.

    I have played for almost 5-6 years actively, please don't screw up more with moves like 75K.

    For me this is a facade, bcoz I know nothing will come out of this post.
  10. Support, at my peak activity I found myself popping out for htr for 2 passes to reach goal just so I wouldn't fuss about with hopping and so I could stay in my home clan for the rest of the event.
  12. Reading is good acting on it would be better - great effort on your part
  13. @kenpachi-the-strength-man. Thks for your input. I hope devs understand how fed up people are. And jumpers dont always play premium ebs, far from it. They jump to finish ebs. I have nothing against these players, they help to finish ebs faster. I just want better rewards for core clan members, who dont jump and clan owners who cant jump. Without these people doing the groundwork until mb jumpers will have nowhere to go. So they should also support this thread. We need a better balance!!!
    Now you can advertise at 90% mb and receive applications, before you had to wait until 40%....
  14. Thanks to everybody who support this thread. Its awesome. Plse keep it going!
  15. Totally support this