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  1. Even with a 2-3hr eb lineup of Goth/Noth we still cant get 75k. It's literally impossible unless you go to an NK clans for a day. I understand a need for a challenge, but the challenge has to be realistic and 75k on a 2 week goth/noth rotation even if done very fast is still not doable. Going back to LOTL wont really help, even a 2-3hr NOTH isnt enough
  2. Support 100%
  3. I support any bonus for clan loyalty. I would suggest that both strategies are being rewarded and cant be mixed. Cause I agree with the analysis that jumping is unfairly rewarded but last time devs rewarded loyalty jumping stopped and a few top clans Got all the attention. So make it worth staying in a clan for some rewards and make it worht jumping for other rewards and let people choose their strategy.
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  4. It could be done by choosing between being a loyalist or a jumper in legends and then the choice is binding for the event.
  5. 100% support
    Perhaps new lands will balance things out if devs don't want to listen to the clan loyalty screams πŸ€”
  6. Thanks everyone for the support.
    I'm sure it can be done. Loyal clan members need bigger rewards (drops and crestplates) coz the present drop ratio difference between jumpers and loyal clannies is far too big. Nothing against jumpers, but players who stay shud be better rewarded.
    Plse keep the supports coming.
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  7. I don't see them making drop rate any easier on us due to they likely think it will/is being exploited by alts... I fear new lands will be our only crutch going farther
  8. Crest plates and event collection item drops to reach 75 k cant be exploited as not tradable.
    Clans weaken when their perms are obliged to jump to complete events.
    If new lands appear now, you might see a bunch of quitters, who become fed up as game does not support core clan members and the gap widens.
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  9. I can't speak for the devs nor am i defending this decision but i can see how this all would give some the incentive to grow or put more effort into kaw if one is so worried about falling behind. New lands will help speed everything up and if the devs dont change it back ones only hope IS new lands
  10. Many of us arent really concerned about fast growth. The game isnt very sophisticated. The best part of the game is the social aspect, and a big part of that is clans. All my clan mates are like family, we speak daily, we laugh, we talk about life, we are true friends. Devs shouldnt kill that
  11. Well if you aren't concerned about growing what's it matter if you cant reach a certain legend or notπŸ€” im now confused πŸ€£πŸ‘ŒπŸ’¨
  12. Many players want to grow and you don't get enough crestplates when you stay in home clan so people get discouraged which impacts clan chat. I used to be far higher in lb than I am now, because I don't jump much. If you're not in osw, the game offers legend events, fine. But you cant complete them and get sufficient rewards if you stay in home clan. So 2 solutions, either you stay and try to swallow your annoyance, but then events become less interesting because you know you won't complete them or you jump and yr home clan gets weaker.
    We need a better balance. Currently at 30 k here and 4 days left .... And I don't think I'm the only player in this situation. I'll be happy to reach 40k.
  13. Im at 26k now, think 32k was hard enough and just finished the hard side legend so medium and easy leftπŸ˜‚
    Will be impossible to reach max rewards unless spending last 4 day outside homeclan.πŸ˜’
  14. Complete support. Kaw's life is relying on the community that it had built.. Why not encourage to keep that community thriving? Whether it may be an osw or an eb clan, it helped formed friendships that players tend to come back (or stay) for πŸ‘
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  15. Could not have said it better Ave have been 10+ years playing KAW ... heard just yesterday from an old clan mate in Tot who I have not heard from in 7 years lol .... While KAW friendships are unusaudl to say the least in our virtual world they are nonetheless just as strong and enduring.πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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  16. And what I'm saying is your clan would do better if new lands were to come out and you guys said you dont care about growing yet that is DIRECTLY tied to how well legends are completed. I was in support for you but now I think you are just mad people who play harder than you will see better rewards.... No support get good
  17. If you didn't notice, two different players replied to you: one who mostly cares about the community, and one who also cares a lot about growth. Clan loyalty affects them both, so don't be surprised if this thread had supporters with different views.

    But as for the growth issue, I think what s/he meant to say is that, the players who handles the clan cannot catch up to the jumpers because (as what some have already mentioned) jumpers receive the same number of event rewards for hitting the main bar compared to the clan perms who mostly do the work in hitting the other phases. And if that issue wasn't solved, new lands will increase the gap by allowing jumpers to unlock such lands immediately (via achieving higher tier rewards from events in a faster pace) compared to clan perms. If that were to happen, the very clan perms might be discourage being a perm, and thus, weakening the clan by having fewer perms who still "can't keep up" because they can't reach higher tier rewards in the same pace as clan jumpers (assuming that clan perms never jump, because most of them don't jump clans).

    That's just a perspective of mine, thus the "I think"...
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  18. Support

    I'm smaller than OP and only way I could make 75k (haven't yet but will by end) was by continuous hopping lotl/goth/noth