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  2. Totally agree. I've said before at home clan some kind of progressive bonus is a good thing. Longer in clan, more the bonus is up to some limit. Yes, those warring need a pass as long as go directly to war and directly back to home clan.
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  3. @Rags. First of all thks for the support. The idea is to ask devs to give double drops (event items and crest plates) to members who don't jump, not a progressive increase, as that wont be sufficient. This clan loyalty reward shud become a permanent feature since they added the 75 k which most clans cannot do without jumping.
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  4. Any boost to clan loyalty can only help. Hopefully double drops will be implemented. It is way overdo to have something re: clan loyalty done in any case. Good luck with this.
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  5. Absolutely clan loyalty should be rewarded. Not everyone can or has the time to jump around
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  6. if game is to continue devs should listen to players - we don’t all have the time to jump around and we like to support our clans so stay
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  7. I have highlighted this post for the dev team.

    Mods get together sometimes for cuddle on the couch with devs. It's delightful. (Sorry got sidetracked) I will also bring this thread up the next snuggle time.
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    Smaller clans are increasingly switching to LOTL/GOTH rotation - I’ve noticed this more & more since the increase to 75k - watch the ads in WC
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  12. While I support the premise of this thread, I’m confused by your reasoning here - shouldn’t small clans strive to eventually grow enough to be able to run Loth/Goth?
  13. @Corinthian I think they're saying that they went down from Goth/Noth to Lotl/Goth to support a faster rotation for the 75k mark?
  14. @Mini_Skirt. Yes I've noticed the same, tho Noth drops more. And as less drops from Lotl, you have to play more ebs. So its impossible to reach the 75 k benchmark inside yr home clan. Very few clans can actually reach the 75k without jumping. So that means more and more members must jump and the more and longer they jump, the weaker the clans running the ebs become. Devs must break this spiral.

    Thanks to everybody who have supported this thread, plse get your friends to sign it so the devs realise its a real problem that must be resolved.

    Crest plates need to be doubled too. Core players who run the ebs should be able to grow.

    Thank you.
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  15. They have already implemented a system of clan loyalty a few months back which actually worked. But they don’t care about the community
  16. To bad the
    To bad they don’t care about us