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  1. Clans need to be able to do events, without having to jump. Jumpers also need to have many clans to jump to otherwise they won't thrive. So this move of 75 k isnt helping anybody. Clan members who make the ebs run shud be rewarded by double drops. The day Kaw is reduced to NK and Witch eb clans, it will no longer be a game, it'll be a desert.
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  2. The number of premium clans have dropped considerably @Awen, though the exact why is anyone’s guess.
  3. So true Corinthian. Hoping devs will hear our plea for more drops for clan members who dont jump and who are struggling .
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  4. Full support. Clan loyalty is important to many of us. Adding a loyalty reward for those that stay is a great idea πŸ‘πŸ‘
  5. Support Awen πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. I agree with 110% without Clan loyalty, Kaw dies fast.
  7. Absolutely agree
  8. Absolutely agree
  9. Support! Admins shouldnt be penalized for wanting to stay home and help.
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  10. Full support! Great job on the thread
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  11. I've had to leave my clan for the first time in a long time to get more drops. I dont like it, reward loyalty to the clan
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  12. I like the Reign left for the day, but I support rewarding clan loyalty. Good job raising awareness to the constant assault on clans by the devs. We shouldnt be penalized for helping our home clan. Hoppers already get so many drops, either put the events back to 50k or increase drops for staying home
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  13. Good job Awen! Full support
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  14. Agreed 🀝
  15. Support! Clan loyalty should be rewarded
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  16. 100% Support this
  17. like said it does suck to be hitting on an eb the whole eb then biguns hit a handfull and ends up with more spoils than person hitting allday. much support.
  18. Awen, great thread full support!

    Clan loyalty bonus we had a few months ago was a genius idea and very welcomed by the community, it would fit perfectly with these new tiers that are disheartening players right now and quite honestly very boring
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