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  1. This is a great idea!!👍
  2. @Corinthian
    The devs have done it in the past. They increased your drops the longer you stayed in clan during event. I think it should become a permanent feature. And double the drops for perm clan members who keep the game moving.
  3. This is something I think at least 90% of the player base can appreciate, and I'm happy to be part of that group. Absolutely support 👌
  4. Support to this.
    Something like that should have been done even years ago. Clan jumping has always been a better way to accumulate event items than staying inside one clan (if it isn’t a btb tnk clan or similar). This destroys the whole clan-idea.

    A good solution would be an increasing loyalty bonus. For example get a 5% bonus for each epic battle you participated. You could also add an activity bonus which is bound to the number of actions. The
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  5. Support
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  6. The problem that clan hopping is better regarding event drops existed before.
    Now it is even worse.
    Make clan loyalty important!
    Give an increasing plunder bonus for the longer/more activity you spend in a clan. Just make sure you allow stepouts for wars.

    full support!
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  7. Big accts who jump can make 10 k event combined items a day, so for 75 k you need ard 6-7 days jumping when you are out of yr home clan. If you stay home in a normal clan you make ard 3 k a day, so no way you can reach 75 k in 10-13 days, so players get discouraged and fed up with the game. Jumpers also get more crest plates to grow. When you jump you upgrade that day or the day after. You cant do daily upgrades in home clan. The balance is broken. We need a fix.
  8. 100% support 👍🍻😎
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  9. Great idea! You have my support! 👍
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  10. They should have added an Insane sub legend.
  11. As in, more difficult than “hard” in the options? We may see that for Fatesands when the next lands release, though that will make it that much more insanely difficult to dream of completing more than one category (last legend, when they made medium and hard longer, our clan members stopped being able to even complete medium without going to a premium eb clan).
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  12. For a couple of events there was an Insane legend which was harder than Hard (obviously) and offered some more rewards.
    We need more content, not just a larger wall between rewards which the devs seem to graviate towards.
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  13. Full support
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  14. Please keep the supports coming. We need to change this.
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  15. Support
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  16. Support!1!
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  17. Word.
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  18. The truth is they don't want clans to grow, if you've watched the evolution of the game for the last 8 years you'll understand that certain clans are at a great advantage and there is no need to change this mentality because certain members are heavily invested in the game and will remain in power until they stop spending.