Food for Thought 2017: Why music is bad for "you"?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Devouring, Dec 31, 2016.

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  1. Music has to be the worst thing ever invented. Not only is it the worst but it is also the most harmful way. Music is the leading cause of hearing loss. Over 200,000 cases a year.

    Not only dose it hurt you physically but it can ruin you mentally. The reason why is because sad Music Can Increase Anxiety And Neuroses. It also has a long history of emotional Trauma.

    Studies have shown that people who are listening to music while studying or working can actually focus less than those who don't. So you are less productive.

    Music is also a bad influence. Pop starts endorse bad products that can hurt us. To make things worse millions of kids look up to theses pop stars and learn from them. Justin beaver is a good example of how kids copy his bad action.

    Also rap and jazz use bad language to make a invalided point. How they go against the badge. Also they use inappropriate language towards everything including women.

    So why do you still listen to music. Do you think music is good. If so why? Because there really isn't any good you can get from music.
  2. You're listening to the wrong music my friends
  3. I didn't know his name was Justin beaver smh if your gonna make a thread get the names right lol
  4. Good music actually can release the same feel good endorphins that are felt from chocolate, heroin, and sexual activity.

    Maybe that's why we listen.
  5. I've played the violin for a few years. Playing an instrument (also music) has been shown to increase cognitive ability and it also helps your posture. Listening to music also makes you feel better in ways such as relieving stress or helping you fall asleep for a better mood. Music isn't all the same, it also affects different people in different ways. Perhaps rap music might give one person anxiety but it might help another person calm down and lower heart rate.
  6. OP is high. Tap that joint out son, you have had enough.
  7. Guys, if you do anything going into the New Year, don't let it be falling for this guy's trolling
  8. What about the ladies in the game? Also how am I trolling I have my opinion and I asked for there's? If I was trolling I would of used a good bait. You just can't accuse anyone with a different opinion of being a troll, I'm human like you. If you guys and girls do anything going into the New Year, don't let it be listening to a person who only knows one gender.
  9. I know there are good music out there I'm just saying that people are influenced by mainstream music. Also using headphones for a very long period is linked to hearing loss. Trust me when I say only few know about the 60 minute rule.

    We also seen the video of those 11 African American robbing a house and they decided to do the Mannequin Challenge while listening to Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles', while robbing the house with there guns out. As I said earlier music dose make people dumb, also I'm gonna find a way to argue that it is a leading cause of crime.
  10. Ay man. You do you. They still haven't positively linked violent video games to violent crimes, so music might be a bit of an uphill battle.
  11. Speaking of genders avatar assumed yours, you better call the sjw's
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  13. Dear devouring. As per your usual post quality.
    You my dear fellow are an utter moron.
    But out of curiosity, do you include all types of music and all instruments.

    Btw. Music does generally sound better when ones head is not inserted up ones own posterior. You may wish to explore that avenue.

    Best wishes
    ɹɐǝʎ ʍǝu ʎddɐɥ
    Your trolling frenemy 
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  15. I'm going to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.

    Little known fact, but threads like this cause cancer.

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