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  1. Following...

    Hey, welcome to another one of my threads.

    Today, a discussion piece. So take a load off and get to reading, like always...

    Tl;dr will be available
    (I have to stop catering to these guys but I am one of them)

    I'll get straight to the point, go to the following list in your contacts tab, gaze at it for a second and think about all these friends that have left KaW and unfollowed their friends or specifically you.

    All the bridges you've burned by doing something that you, personally thought was silly or miniscule but meant something major to another peoplez.

    Look at all of it and question, do I unfollow them?
    Should I block them over something so petty?
    Disregard them all together and leave your follow in hopes they follow back one day even though you know they won't...

    ...My opinion, cherish the memory then move on.

    What do you do when you see the people you follow?
    When they remove you or don't follow back?

  2. Cry in the corner
  3. I unfollow and never look back
  4. New KAW fun- Just spam follow them all one at a time. Then see the fun begin.
  5. You just reminded me to check my list. Unfollowed four "following" and followed back three followers.
  6. i never unfollow anyone i'd not like hurt anybodys feelings by doing it. Unless they are talking weird to me.Then they are gone and never coming back unless they say sorry.But some oddballs i never forgive.
  7. Im pretty sure most the people i follow are people that cleared out their friends lists and don't remember me :lol:
  8. This screams...


  9. stop making threads

    (at least put up a stable)
  10. Creepers

  11. 90% of the accounts that don't follow me back are dead. I got over them, there's hundreds of cool people to meet on here all the time.
  12. I've had quite a few unfollow me, in the end just shows who's really your friend :)
  13. Be amazed and thankful at how big your contact list was regardless of who when and why. Was the moment generally good or generally bad? Were you missed? Or genuinely disliked? You will know yourself 
  14. No support. Quit whining
  15. Shut your mouth, this game was made for whining
  16. No u
  17. Well said
  18. Why you gotta fight with me at cheesecake?
  19. I don't understand.
  20. Do you ever look at your followers and wonder who all those people are?