Following the trend, my daily new's report!

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  1. Well, you're using it pretty randomly left it off the first "it's", then next sentence first word "that's", then next sentence "it's" but then you did use it in "you're". What? high on meth?
  2. Todd infected your thread...use disinfectant...devs tried using disinfectant sadly the looser uses vpn for a 9 tAp game  Pathetic
  3. ...for you 1 out of 4 "isn't" bad I guess lol.
  4. why you always screeching about this VPN??? Im using Penguin browser ...perfectly legal. Pretty sure it's not a VPN
  5. Don’t care, nobody wants you, you spend majority of your day on these forums you wannabe farmer. Recover your life while you can.
  6. Im not sure why. I don't really think about them if it doesnt make a difference to the meaning of the sentence. When its complete nonsense like new's or your instead of you're, I notice it. And I should.
  7. I wish I knew how to write threads with more mistakes than your life, about things more boring than your humour and more irrelevant than your love life but it's just too difficult. I cant achieve your incredible standards.
  8. Demon another inactive noob along with Todd, both irrelevant and annoying and should just hold hands and walk in the park together, you know, take some fresh air from being in the basement constantly, your in a social place to who knows you can make your first friend ever. He’ll be your 1.

    And please don’t judge my grammar oh Lord of the basment. Nobody cares about grammar on a game. We come to have fun not twits like you ruining it.
  9. Let the salt flow through you. You never post anything but salt, so I really doubt you're here to have fun. Also, for christs sake, it's you're. Not your. It's too, not to. Also, you come to have twits? Interesting.
  10. Yes follow the procedure where I’m ‘salty’ or ‘buthurt’. For someone who doesn’t play I didn’t expect a reply that quickly.
  11. Lose the game. Loose the thread. Issa diff
  12. Its subpar at best. It’s not going to go anywhere lol
  13.  This