focusing on what matters (lore discussion?)

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  1. chickenflavoredramen brought up a valuable point. wheres all the gosh darn lore?

    well, if the devs wont give it to us, then i will happily oblige.

    EDIT: i think legends is a huge step up from what the lore in this game used to be, which was hastily written fantasy text (which didnt connect to other stories whatoever) meant to compliment the copy and pasted event information forum post. but im still missing that connection.

    I think it would be super cool amazing to have lore behind the epic battles, backstories about the characters. these dont even have to be made by the devs, we can make them here in forums, and work together to make them good.

    itd be awesome to start out your kingdom, tap tapping away at these epic battle monsters. but you get curious, you fight these monsters but never know anything about them? so you wander into forums and read stories from the lives of calydor and thorak, and stories from the adventurers who faced them. about how these fiends were created, and about kingdoms long fallen to them.

    just thoughts. i will work more on these types of stories. some more serious. and ill get better, dont worry

    BEEP BEEP BEEP. Apheriun sighs. He plops his skeletal feet to the floor, rising up from his slumber and stretching. A yawn escapes from his mouth as he meanders over to the kitchen. He brews a cup of coffee and starts the shower. Another dull day, he thinks to himself.

    His commute is god awful today. An hour and a half of grudgingly slow traffic later, and he’s in the office, typing numbers from a list onto the computer. Whats the point? He thinks. Apheriun comes to work, yearning to leave to go back home, only to wake up the next morning to endure it all again.

    A tapping noise rouses Apheriun from his lull. Its coming from the next cubicle over. He shakes his head and gets back to work. Being late upset his boss, he doesn’t want to slack on his work too.

    Minutes pass, and the tapping continues. Apheriun hadn’t really paid mind to it. It’s just one of those things you don’t really care about. You tell yourself it will pass, whoevers doing it will stop, and you continue to ignore it. But this had been going on for a while now. Whatever. Apheriun got back to work.

    Alright, I can’t take it anymore. Apheriun gets up from his chair, walking to the cubicle emitting the noise. Of course, it’s Joe. Joe is that type of guy in the office who is just annoying. Always interjecting in conversation, or trying to get in on the latest gossip.
    “Hey Joe, can you stop please? Thanks.” Apheriun says.
    Joe turns, startled. “Oh yeah sure man, no problem.”

    Apheriun sits back down, the tapping halted. He finds where he was in his work, and gets back to it, just like the productive skeletal demon he is. The tapping starts up again, but Apheriun doesn’t notice it yet. The sound gradually makes its way into Apheriun’s consciousness, until he can’t bear it any longer.

    “Hey! Joe!” He yells over the cubicle. “Can you stop?”
    “Oh yeah sorry. No problem.”
    Apheriun turns back to his work, flustered. Then the tapping starts again.

    Apheriun slams his fist down on his desk, sending splinters of wood as it cracks in half. “DAMNIT, JOE!” Apheriun kicks down the cubicle wall between him and his coworker, revealing a speechless man.
    “ENOUGH OF THIS, YOU PUNY MORTAL.” Apheriun reaches to the side, his blade materializing from the air as it draws in matter around it. He brings his blade up high and cleaves Joe in two, absorbing his soul. He inhales deeply and sighs.

    He steps over the rubble and back into his cubicle as his coworkers gape at the atrocity committed before their eyes. Apheriun sits back down. “That felt good.” With the tapping gone, he finally gets back to his work.
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    After his long hard day at the office Apheriun arrives home at his humble apartment to find the police waiting for him at his door. They want to question him about Joe's murder. As the good skeletal apparition he is, Apheriun heads with them to the precinct for questioning.

    The two officers sit across the desk from him in the dimly lit room with a large, definitely two-way mirror along one wall. The good looking female officer turns a tablet computer around to show Apheriun the CCTV footage, "This is you?" she asks. "It is" replies the atrophied diety with only a pinch of remorse. "Why did you kill him?" asks the equally good looking male officer. "He was asking for it, always poking his nose into other people's business, always causing a fuss at the office, making life hell for others.".
    "You can't just go around killing mortals Apheriun, you've been warned about this before. We're going to have to arrest you this time." the woman officer affirms, taking out a pair of gilded handcuffs with runes inscribed around their edges.

    "I can't let that happen officers, I'm too close to retirement" he replies, and with those words a brilliant, white, angel wing shaped blade appears on the interrogation desk in between Apheriun and the police officers. The blade shone brilliantly in the muted light, the diamonds embedded in the dwarven forged steel seemed to give off it's own light.

    All three occupants of the interrogation room looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, the tension in the air was palpable. In a flash, everyone lunged for the blade at the same time.
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    this is what kaw needs
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    Apheriun needs to fight back once in a while this game is full of bullies
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    Poor Wandering Villager Joe :(
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    You should fight back in nf
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    Fight back? What am I meant to be fighting back from exactly a few fail scouts? I'd rather just ignore it I don't even need to hit you. You pin yourself.
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    What? More RP?
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    did you make an alt just to make that post?

    it needs more lore. i wanna feel connected to this game. not just endlessly tapping. i dont want the story of my kawreer to be the chronicles of lonesong: the tapping maniac. i want it to be lonesong, the warrior of the stormbroken isles.
  10. I completely agree. What's our motivation for attacking monsters? Are they attacking us? Are we going for glory? Why does sending soldiers to slay a beast net gold? Are they connected?

    Lets introduce a legacy system where we pick heirs to our kingdoms that govern how efficient it is. Bonuses to wealth gain, military strength. Lets fill the game to the brim with minigames, hidden objectives, and lengthy text boxes. Also convert battles into a first person rts that allows strategy to overcome massive stat differences. Yup. All foolproof.
  11. Tbh the text on bars and phases in ebs does give a fair amount of story. Not comprehensive, but enough to be a motivation for your kingdom.
  12. i suppose. but it tells us nothing about the backstory of the old wizard man dude from the summoner, or about why calydor has all these riches and where he got them, or why hes guarding them.