FNS declares war

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Alaguerre, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. support to tfk/fns
    The OutlawZ
  2. Hobbs, I respect what your saying but there are many in your clan that are hitting ebs and ebs alone. It is disrespectful for those defending your clan because they are taking all the inc while others refuse to hit anything but ebs. Look at the history the same people are constantly hitting ebs, IMO attack builds should not even hit ebs if there are open targets. Either way respect your post.
  3. I disagree with racism, but why build a clan called 'CRAZY FROG' Mirs? Isn't calling a French person a frog a derogatory term? Or does it have to do with not being French? Just a thought!
  4. Lady that goes with all derogatory clans out there. Why have any clan with a derogatory name. Just a thought
  5. Hello!!!!!! Zerg!!!!!!! Anyone home!!!!!!!
  6. ((((((((())))))))
  7. Keep it on walls and newsfeeds. No need to come here and talk ****. Running your mouth here means you're not fighting. And dont tell me every single person is dtw.
  8. It was just a joke....get over it
  9. No one said you have to read this thread.
  10. ATR, who do you think you are to tell us what to do.

    Shut up.
  11. Well they are beating the snot out of the EB sooo congratsway to not fail

  12. Allez les bleus!
  13. ATR, don't get to serious now. This is a game after all. If people wish to talk OSW crap, then let it all be in good fun. Now run back over to the sidelines and grab those pom-poms, to-to's and a plastic Tiara! Maybe bring me some water too? Actually, make that Gatorade. Water sucks, it really really sucks. 
  14. Woooo Osw!
  15. Not aaying it wont be a good war if it happens, but if ur looking for attention wait until the big zaft war is over. :p It seems to be a little more interresting.
  16. My strip cane is blazin'

  17. Respect to Zerg.... Win, lose or draw.. After this osw no one can call y'all scared. Y'all have stood up to multiple clans, And y'all are suppose to be eb fairies .. Keep fighting the good fight.
  18. Support To my oG Family

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  19. Good strip guys just make sure I'm asleep next time. But in all seriousness Good job nonetheless. Good coordinated effort from HoG and fns, props to you guys