Flying Spaghetti Monster

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  1. are you ronis twin or just a special-needs person that somehow got access to a phone?
  2. Enough flaming on this thread. purpose served.

  3. Nooo. FPM FOR LYFE
  4. Saying that something is stupid without any argumentation doesn't make what you are commenting on stupid. It makes the poster seem stupid. But I will reserve considering Russian ignorant as he still has a whole thread to explain why this is stupid ...
  5. Lmao your alt sux when i warred with hope syl knew about u :D
  6. Like you wanting to be russian
  7. Anyways, #FSMWarriorsRule!! Don't forget.... #AllHailAwdy Aka my noob Masta
  8. This thread was already made by the way. So this is a repeat
  9. My city was a FSM statue in it lol... And wasn't it not the middle ages but popular during the 60s when a large amount of people were on LSD?? I love the religion BTW lol...