Floyd Wins! YouMadBro?

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  1. Annonymous decision.....

    Floyd MayWeather wins! And it's rainning already here!

    Defensive vs Offensive

    Defensive wins!
    Haters ganna hate?

    -Is it time for Manny to retire!? Or a Rematch?
  2. Im just glad I didn't pay for it ill put it like that
  3. In response to "YouMadBro?" Yes, yes I am.
  4. Eh.

    Good fight.
  5. Ask YAFI about the mayweather tactic.
  6. Spurs vs clippers was more exciting tbh
  7. Mourinhio wins again but he was boring again

  8. Despite me deciding this outcome i think you meant to say unanimous decision
  9. Anonymous decision? Guess we'll never know who the judges were 
  10. Anonymous :lol:
  11. Eh?.
  12. Just as illiterate as Floyd!
  13. Cute... You have allies again :p
  14. I was on a road trip with my girlfriend when you guys stripped me, I think I'm good.
  15. Told you fools Money would win!
  16. Unanimous decision sounds scary :(
  17. Why is this a big deal? Watching chess on tv is more exciting than this Mayweather vs Paquio thing.

  19. Nailed it. XD
  20. Tony Parker should've wait for his teammates when he stole the ball.