Flat Earth

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  1. Damn bunch of shape-ists, the earth is clearly trans-shaped and doesn't need you all putting labels on it XD
  2. #flatearth
  3. All objects appear to be a rounded shape from a far away distance
  4. The earth is flat. There are no real pictures of earth from space. The moon landing original footage was lost. NASA no longer has the technology to go to the moon. You can not see the curvature of the earth on the horizon even when you are far out at sea. Even if the earth isn't flat is isn't round. If all the water was not there the earth would look like a weird chunk of mass with no real shape. All these things can be verified in 30 minutes of research.
  5. Cherry, I have the technology to send an object into the upper stratosphere. Even if you think NASA can't send something into orbit or the moon, you dont need to in order to verify its roundness.

    I get this is satire but for God's sake put some effort into it.
  6. Are you crazy or smoking too many drugs?
  7. Every pair of shoes I’ve ever worn had curves on the bottom, that’s just for ergonomics. Shoe argument therefore invalid.