FlameAssassin scamming ppl during charm trading

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JBoys, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Starwarrior
  2. He has also scammed numerous hte zta tnk clans. He's a nuisance and a problem. It's in your best interest to avoid him at all costs
  3. Which one? The main or alt?
  4. Agreed..
  5. Ohh big JBoys gonna make him pay, go run from that PvP like you did OSW. Absolute joke. If you're daft enough to somehow get scammed trading CHARMS, then you have the brain of a 9 year old. Absolute gimp

  6. How brave and noble of you...

    Never heard of OP or flamassassin. Can anyone vouch for OP's character and KAW play?

    Before "I" make any JUDGEMENTS Ild like to see the ENTIRE conversation between the two.

    Everybody's entitled to due process (u should know better X_X)

    Mob rule is never a good thing ...even when the mob is right
  7. If the coward had not blocked me you could have all kinds of ss of a full Convo that's even worse than the ss shown.its sad the coward can't even successfully farm me back when he was pnz for over a week. Give the guy all the due process you want.he can't farm and from every Convo I've ever had with him is confirmation he is nothing but a waste of life
  8. A waste of life that’s still growing in a top clan with all the charms he stole. Seems he’s doing quite well and has scammed some other suckers since this thread. Hilarious!

  9. I'm not doubting you but again ...no SS (still a one sided story)
  10. Right?

    None of you really cared when Mickey did the same thing for couple years and displayed pretty much the same behavior and talked the same talk ...most of you thought he was cool and funny (ffs)

    So no one in the clan he's in now cares? I bet they're all laughing at this thread. They should know about it and what's he's done right? ...if they re complicit and know about it then they're accessories after the fact. There's enough of you to start OSW if all you forum warriors really want to back up your talk. -JS
  11. tbh he sounds ALOT like Mickey hmmmm how ironic would it be if....

  12. OP has half bil in stats with 6 year badge and 47k BL ...he should be able to take care of this on his own.
  13. My point is basically this...

    All this thread is doing is empowering him. If all you guys and gals do is talk trash and don't hold him accountable (because we all know ALL of you will stop farming him in a day or two (or less even)

    So if you're not actually willing to hold him accountable and you keep talking your talk ...HE WINS, PERIOD 
  14. And you're a worthless newly made forum posting acc You realise whichever side started with these in old OSWs was never taken seariously right?
    Their pathetic & show how scared & worthless a side was, though admitadly it was amusing to watch the idiots trash talk knowing the player behind it lacked any ability to back up his/her words or show their mains - clearly due to fear
  15. 100% correct
  16. Shhhh hush now EB fairy with your 5k BL

    .,,you're an idiot because you don't know who I am 

  17. And youre butthurt blow hard who's easily manipulated and your now OPs pion 
  18. Post with your main then little noob
  19. i can't my top 13 accts have all been perm forum banned (how many times do I have to tell you window licking short bus riding morons this) 

    ...you're stupid lol
  20. Re: FlameAssassin scamming ppl during charm tra

    4 year badge with 600mil cs and ....5k BL. seriously shut your lame ass  
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