FlameAssassin scamming ppl during charm trading

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JBoys, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Call it what you will, your behavior is similar if not worse than the person in question.

    I do hope you improve it in your further interactions as some day you will get your Just Desserts

  2. Grow a lil kid then we talk zzz
  3. It's such a shame, I thought I was dealing with someone more mentally capable.

    Have a good day all, especially you
    He keeps name changing and editing his quote lmao

    Flame/infamous/barcode ;D

    (Just for safekeeping)

  4. Kasama for VK
    Kasama for Mod
    Kasama for Devs
    Kasama for God
  5. -Eragon- Weirdly Tried the same with myself. It's either a coincidence or they are the same person. The insults was identical. That dude attempted to Farm me till I gave him my moth stuff.

    -Eragon- Been two Weeks yet I am not Begging for mercy. So I'm thinking this is the same person. I Could be wrong.

    I think the important thing to remember is, you have control of any trading. If you don't like someone simply ignore them. Block them. Or Hit them and keep hitting them.
  6. ^Can't find a connection currently, should post pics though. Name and shame!
  7. Yes he is cr4 in last rights, tried running away with the barcode name and banner change 

  8. Prime reason I will never quite hitting him as long as he's around. I've got no issue farming someone who has that that type of mentality.
  9. Links on my wall. However his gave his charmes to other alts. I'm not sure how to post the SS tbh. But I'm just going to deal with that one myself anyway.

    I was just curious to find out if it is the same person.
  10. ^It is possible that these accounts are offloading charms to alt accounts.

    A weird connection too is that both of them are ASW Champs.

    Must be something ASWers are into.

    How disappointing.

    Extorting others for charms as well as verbally abusing them.

    If you need any help posting screenshots, feel free to contact me :)
  11. 99% sure Eragon is not the same person.
  12. I know he owes me one casque helm
  13. your title says he is scamming people, not hes saying mean things. So yeah......if you are accusing someone of violating tou then you should post proof, not something that got your feelers hurt.

  14. One of the biggest reasons our country is failing, kids with ultra sensitivity to words, but desensitised to ACTUAL death and tragedy thanks to social media and internet.
  15. You're trying to change the subject.

    1 forum post, no background, obvious throwaway alt.

    I understand what you're trying to say but justifying this guys behavior by pushing the blame onto "this generation" will not work.

    More importantly, downplaying death and tragedy is not a focus. It's merely pointing out wrongdoings and foul behaviors that are occurring within KaW...

    I.e. This Flame/infamous/barcode guy parading around with his alts trying to garner false support.

    As well as extorting charms, treating people like garbage, death threats among other things.

    But hey, keep blaming "this generation" for mistakes and keep running around with alts. Won't change anything.

    Edit:You also make a point of children from this generation becoming desensitised towards death etc.

    But when you read FlameAssassin's words. You can see a vicious, cruel person desensitised to suicide, to morals and ethics. Is he an adult talking to a 12 year old person?

    The guy he's talking to is a minor and he treats him like utter trash, calls him ugly and a _ immigrant.

    If this is how he treats people he doesn't know, how does he treat people in real life?


    If you're defending this guy, you are just as messed up as he is.
  16. Lmao is this rice gum? Using the irrelevant excuse even on kaw?
  17. Dear flameassassin,
    You are clearly a Disturbed young man. I've given you every chance to redeem yourself for doing what you know was clearly wrong. You always reply with hate. I have no problem hitting you all day everyday on a tap tap game.i have a lot of fun doing so. I hope you grow up some day and understand what you say and do to people in life has an impact on your own life. Maybe seek council from professional help. The only reason any of this is here is a direct result of your own actions. You are a grown adult so maybe it is time to start acting like you are. Even though all that has been said I wish you the best in life and in what you do. As far as kaw goes you will continue to see me in your news feed every day until you either own up to your mistakes and fix your wrong doings or you quit playing. That is all from me.
    Your favorite farmer
  18. This is absolutely disgusting.
  19. Quick link on EasternWizard's wall btw (2 days ago flameassassin) hiding as a barcode with changed banner 
  20. Our kids are sensitive to words, IE threats to slit throats and saying people should be slaughtered and stoned.

    Who is desensitized to actual death or tragedy? The "kids" on social media? I get sick to my stomach watching the news because +50 dead and +300 injured is disgusting. And what's more disgusting is that THIS is the reason "kids" are desensitized. Because this stuff happens way too often and it's becoming a normal thing in our society. Does it make threats of violence better? No. It makes it worse. Because online security is obsolete with modern technology. Cyber laws can't catch up to the culture and crazy people are incredibly intellectual, making catching/proving their crimes difficult if not impossible. That. Oils be a very real threat, being ignored by you and others because it's online. It's just a harmless threat, until he tracks OP down and actually acts on these threats.

    Don't ignore red flags.
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