FlameAssassin scamming ppl during charm trading

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JBoys, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. In the first screenshot the shaded out words are racial slurs against black people. The other shaded out words are either extreme cuss words or racial slurs that go against the TOS so therefore cannot be shown.

    This conversation started because he has been scamming people out of their charms and when he did it to my wife and my friend I confronted him and this is his response.
  2. Sure that's some vile stuff but I don't think the devs do much about private channel communications. They'll probably ask you to block him.

    How has he scammed players? Trading is quite straightforward and no nonsense unless you're tryna sell charms for money/seals or ally hires.
    I was recently accused of being a scammer by a mod, I followed the player who was making the accusations and turns out he had mistaken my charms for his and he apologised. I was obviously upset but let it go because the player was new to the game.

    It's usually best to post some proof of your accusations. ✌️
  3. I got pretty much the exact same pm from flameassassin. Ppl need to see him for the trash he really is. He is a horrid excuse for a human being and clearly has some serious issues.
  4. Exi players ladies and gentlemen
  5. You're not supposed to post pm convos especially like this, it'll get deleted.
  6. Now renamed to infamous-assassin. Star is an alt of his
  7. Posting screen shots is not against the tou. Banned words have been blacked out. The screen shots share no personal info either.
  8. He will pay
  9. This is uncalled for
  10. Ecstasy I personally know 2 ppl scammed by him so you’re need of proof is not worried about and Main thing is look how he insults ppl and is racist the kawmunity deserves to see this and ask blaz he has proof my wife also
  11. I've never in my life been called so many racial slurs.there is a special place for people with that kind of hate.
  12. What a disgusting human being, death threats for one "slit your throat".

    Over a tap, tap game.

    It's people like him who take this game so seriously that don't deserve to continue playing.

    At the very least you should teach him a lesson, get authorities involved.
  13. Who's a alt o.0 if I had a main I'd surely give my charms to it for op stats it's logic
  14. He’s s complete 360 of how to have fun in kaw
  15. Infamous-Assassin is indeed Flame Assassin, without a doubt.
  16. It is a possiblity, anyone with only 27 posts could be an alt.

    If we looked through your message history we could ascertain if you are...

    I however am too lazy :lol:
  17. I think you're thinking of infamous and sure check my messages idk how
  18. New name Infamous-Assassin
  19. Ok, now I know for certain you are covering for him.

    How I determined he is flame is this...

    Flame had a forum presence because of this you can easily find those who have name changed. Although I can determine he is indeed flame...

    Step 1:
    Search the user: "Flameassassin"

    Step 2:
    Go to an early point in their post history to locate a quote.

    Step 3:
    Confirm the quote is the username of the suspected target.

    Step 4:
    Dinner is served :ugeek:

    I can't for certain say you are though but I have found that you are his helper.

    As you have not only went against the norm by not saying he is a filthy excuse of a human but also that you are mimicking his exact words... "You will get banned for posting private messages".

    I suggest you remove yourself from this thread or at the very least apologise.

    Also there's right and there's wrong, you can't worm your way out of this, flame/infamous.


    ^Name is changed to barcode btw, smh.

    Goodnight, sweet prince
  20. 'Covering' it's a free country u nut I'll do what I want noob
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