Fixing Inflation, New Ideas, etc

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  1. As many are well aware, the massive amounts of gold being injected the economy in kaw has sent the trading prices in the ally market to unprecedented heights, it has big spenders sitting on tens of trillions of gold, it's spiraling everything out of control and needs to be controlled.

    To help at least slow the problem, here are some ideas:

    Allow Purchasing of Equipment

    Now this idea is quite controversial, but by allowing players to spend large sums of gold on equipment instead of allies, that allows huge sums of gold to stay out the market.

    Now, I know EE'ers may be upset by this idea, but here's my response: start by opening up the early seasons equipment for sale.

    This is fair, EE'ers can compete for the latest equipment (also the best), but allows others to buy the older, decent (but not the best) equipment for gold.

    Also, those who won the equipment got it without needing to spend gold for it. So it's not like they're being robbed.

    Allow Mith Buying

    One of the perks of warring is the mith that comes with the victory. But that shouldn't make it exclusive, allow others to pay top dollar for mith.

    Note* at least start by raising the cap, to say 30-40 mith

    Allow Other Non-Stat Purchases

    By that I mean: Allow cool banners, temporary name colors, (limited amounts) of extra clan slots, extra EB time, etc etc etc to be purchased with gold.

    This idea allows for other objects to be purchased that are more outlets for gold to be spent.

    Advantages To This:

    - With more items to spend gold on, it eliminates more from circulation

    - It allows for more routes to spend gold on instead of buildings/land.

    - Will allows HFBC players to divert their gold elsewhere instead of save it and cash out on the next lands and be in the same situation

    - Opens up more options to obtain items like mith, equipment, etc

    - Allows for more personal stylizing of accounts by having a wide variety of different banners for sale with varying stats/appearance/etc

    Comment, criticize, support/don't support. Well given responses appreciated, thanks!
  2. Most of this is good, but the reason for inflation is ultimately EB's, people don't take from each other anymore, they take from the money generator EB's.

    Support, especially because I don't want to see new lands and buildings.
  3. If you could buy loads of equip, banners etc with all your gold, people wont be so worried about doing the promos unless the promos handed out crazy equip.

    Also anything that increases cs or bfe will just result in an instant stretching of the gap same as new lands and buildings would. LB'ers would be able to buy everything in seconds.

    Support to all non stat-increasing gold sinks. Customisable things that are purely cosmetic sounds like a good idea to remove gold.

    Doubt its worth the dev time though as no money to be made in doing this.
  4. If be okay if you could buy season 1/2 gear for gold, but youd still need to war to EARN mith to upgrade it. No way that the devs should ever make mith for sale more than the max cap of 6 at one time.
  5. No support. Mith & the resulting equipment is the domain and reward to warriors, not players that farm ebs all day.

    I would rather see a communal clan bank, where funds can be donated (either one off amounts or a % of eb winnings). Funds in a clan bank could be used for 'for the good of all' spells accessible by admins and owners. These spells could be very high priced and serve as a means to remove gold from the ekawnomy.
  6. Now this...this single thread could quite literally fix kaw :? Dunno if that say something or not.
  7. :mrgreen: Maybe SHORTEN eb times, thats where the inflation started
  8. Support everything here.

    Full Support especially to raising mith purchase level. No reason whatsoever it can't be at least 40.
  9. There is a reason why. Because there are a ton of mith gear that costs like 6-40 mith to upgrade per level. Thats a free lvl 10 mith item for alot of people.
  10. Most of these are good.
  11. No support for equipment selling. Takes away the advantage of having static defense/attack. Maybe, you can sell a variant of mith used to increase PvP plunder, as well as lessen the cost of unholy aura. Maybe a permanent pay to win for PvPers. More PvP = Less Inflation. Support for everything on this thread except the equipment.
  12. Perhaps have a new item (gold bars) introduced to the market which can be used to purchase equipment better than standard eb equipment but worse than mith sets. These would have to be expensive as they are easier to get and pretty risk free. These equips would act the same as mith sets in that gold bars are needed to purchase and enchant them. This would allow those who are anti pvp to gain decent bonuses however pvp sets remain the best as they require more risk and skill.
  13. Who cares. The only purchasable equip is outdated and old EE equip. EE guys will still have exclusive access to the equipment first and well before it ever hits market. So you will still be fighting for the best equip in the game. Just see no reason why like MOST OTHER GAMES the market can't be opened after awhile to EVERYONE ELSE.

    Like it or not there's a good deal of paying customers who don't EE. Were not talking about free access to most updated equip. I'm absolutely fine with you guys having the best equip in game. I'm not fine with you guys have 5 entire sets of your own equip. Make sense?

    Also opening the mith market and selling the older EE equip would make it easier for players to transition into EE. Ever think of that?
  14. EE isn't the only PvP. It's the only structured PvP. Tired of them getting everything they ever want. They get access for being "warriors" to an entire part of the game the majority of players don't even partake in. I'm cool with them having exclusive access to equip first. They even get plunder spells for being good at it because that doesn't inflate the market either. :roll:
  15. ⇧That is a magnificent idea, build that onto OP's ideas (minus a few) and you may just fix KaWflation

    Op ideas that wouldnt help: Milthril purchasing
    That would raise more problems especially by having such a high cap
    I say increase the cap but not by that much maybe just to 12
    Because having it that high would also mean you can easily pur hase almost all the spells
    Unless the devs raised how much each spell cost

    I do like the idea of increasing things to spend the gold on
    Especially the cosmetic side of it
    People LOVE to look good even in game
    Making colors and other things mentioned purchasable with gold would help a lot
    I just believe it would require the same cost scaling type as milthril because having it cost lets say 1 bill for everyone, that wouldnt do anything to a person of like 5m cs
    Also maybe throw in how the devs had put a banana next to the name of the winners of a war that one time
    That would be awesome to see more of that as a purchasable thing

    And for the devs intoducing this they could also throw in an Armor rivaling a EE set purchasable througb Nobs
    Or make something like idk an aqua set only purchasable by xstals which would benifit them greatly
  16. My question is this....

    How do you slow inflation when the true source of the gold (eb's) will never go away? Where do you think most of the gold comes from?

    In every economy, the more money that is put into it, the faster and higher the inflation. That is why old money is collected and disposed of. What you propose is irrelevant to the game.

    Changes need to be put into place for new players to achieve MP, but your ideas will not change the inflation rate of the game️
  17. Who cares? The people who spent endless hours and sleepless weeks to get 50 rancor to get those rewards. They are limited time promotional items. Doing 75+ wars takes alot of time effort and money for xtals with out a guarentee of any gear rewarded. Hell season 4 alone i probably did 125 wars to get 100 ele medallions. Want ee gear? Then you must ee. You cant just say who cares to everything, just because you dont care, but the majority of players do care, especially the warriors who actually participate in EE
  18. Want mith equip? Get off your fairy ass and dedicate your time like we did. Theres a reason its exlusive and thats bc we worked our asses off to get it.

    Selling S3 equip pissed me off enough as it was "once in a lifetime" equip. Imagine the uproar if devs were actually idiotic enough to sell that much equip and mith without warring