Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. Thanks Devs. U done awesome work...U don't need to react such bully person around. Be cool and be happy ..we love u
  2. Its the fault of dev not the player we should be compensated its either they give us sod or a hundred of crystal
  3. Pretty sure you're trolling, but as compensation for this bug all affected players did receive 100 crystals (and an exclusive pet, the manticore).
  4. Sounds Super exclusive, hardly anyone must of got this exclusive pet
  5. Exclusive as in, that was the only way to get one. Like any other pet is exclusive to its event (except the one event that dropped all previous event items).

  6. Seems legit
  7. I think charms need to be revised regarding wars soon, at least capped or they should be ranked amongst bfa in wars.
  10. Shouldn't be hard to implement as they claim charms are used to equate hit ranges already. Would possibly help to even indi wars out. Cant hurt at least.
  11. Anyone else still having equipment glitches. My bfe is still buggy with different equipment variations and still getting the stupid - beside bfe stats.

    They may have fixed some of these bugs but I doubt I’m the only one still having issues.
  12. It would not surprise me if the problem wasn’t completely fixed
  13. Can you give a list of different Equipment that we're in the list?

    For you patience.
  14. I’ve still got problems with equ being -
  15. Eq bug hasn't been fixed..Pro packs don't work either, never have.
  16. Whaaaat! Nah! You’ve got to be mistaken
  17. which equips/charms had the issue?
  18. Almost all charms were effected, rewards and furnishings were the o ly things that worked at that time
  19. You notice how ata get caught lying how they replace the team how convenient