Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. Nice to see that you fixed charms but now you created a whole new set of problems now you will have statless charm hoarders bulling lb and bc accounts. Pretty sure that will effect you income cosidering those 2 categories generate 99% of your income. But I’m just a noob what do I know
  2. How many statless alts have bullied you? :roll:

    The war system is deeply flawed and broken, the entire war system should be overhauled and updated, but ATA has made it clear they don't plan to work on wars. It's been two years since S6, they didn't bother with S7. So all we got is the current war meta, as dated as it is, it is not going to improve unless suddenly ATA decides to invest resources into war.
  3. Change to war system will never happen unless we have enough people warring for it to matter. As of now, sadly, I doubt any change will happen
  4. Hello , I would like to know how can I get Icon of Agony and how does it work ?
  5. Honestly the charm situation just benefits those with alts or willing to buy charms. It’s a loophole that allows the smalls to hit the bigs - so fine. However if this is going to remain as is for wars the matchup system needs to reflect charm bonuses.

    It’s ridiculous that I can’t hit and can be hit by non leaderboards because of their charms/ makes allies irrelevant.

    If this is going to continue you need to factor in charms and reward stats into matchup like bfe.
  6. Just give us a warring season or anything similar inorder for us to have some fun on this app
  7. At least change it to random for a while and add a furniture piece reward for top 100 and 500.. Capping bonus from allies and charms is key along with shortening to 1 week .. Also ban Kos.
  8. Ban me that’s hillarious bob on what terms
  9. My thoughts on charms are...the new dev nerfed them as they knew the impact the old dev came back put them right (u got 100x and a pet don't complain!!) and kaboom we now have a charms race...

    Overall they're a good thing and have added a new dimension like GH and Shadow Hansel did back in the day they was indeed happy times in S1-2 for those who remember.

    They only really affect indi wars (prolly osw power too - is anyone still OSW???) and they are allowing smaller low stat players to whack bigs and LB well that's ok too, just need to find a way round it as we always do.

    I think tho as others have already stated here they need to be accounted for when matching in indi wars as a low stat high charm should really rank high on #CR

    Make sure you all have a say for dev to consider cheers - Ajax!!
  10. Anyone who knows me knows I really enjoy the charm trading.

    Like AJAX said, it’s brought a new dimension to kaw. It’s bought some life back into it.

    Now the only problem I have with charms are how they are not calculated when going into indi war or not calculated in the strength of a person overall (like clan roster sizes)

    Now I did an indi war not too long ago. The enemy roster was completely stacked anyways (they had 4 build complete accounts, we had 1)

    Their cr8 was the strongest on the roster though yet if devs made match ups include bfe when making matches he/she should have been cr1.

    The raw stats of this cr8 was 1/3 of our cr1 size yet could eat him up easily!


    Make bfe count when match making in indi wars.
  11. I agree but why not the whole game? just have them work the same as bfa i mean they do anyway but I mean have them included in whatever they have going on with the dtw/dts system and count towards your clan rank/leaderboard rank. Could even have a charm leaderboard I think that would be pretty cool.
  12. Actually they will be working on the war systems, I know this for a fact. When it can be completed and released I do not know. I do say all new releases pertaining to stat increases per player in wars of charms, furnishings whatever must be included and I have let them know along with other things to help with a new war system.
  13. That's great to hear Titan, I do remember a certain developer posting about how wars weren't a priority for them anymore because the amount of players participating were very low. It's been well over a year since S6, we've been hoping for S7 and a war update for a long time, it's invigorating to hear that ATA might just update it eventually! :D A ray of hope of sorts.
  14. Thants awesome news.. hope they role that as soon as possible
  15. Theres indis everyday and the same people cast, bring exclusive indi rewards so more people may cast

    Indis arent balance tier 1 has 3-4 bill difference between builds, idk maybee smaller roster indis will make it more balance, or maybee a special tier for alb n charm packed builds and if not enough cast then no matchs

    Aint bfa or charm stacked fault but if they always warring aggainst the rest that do not spend as much it gets pretty boring.

    About llw they are obsolete atm, is 95% vs ffa or ur alt. Add a land or something to it bc they suck big time lol

    About pc user is the same with alb not their fault

    My english sucks so excuse my typing
  16. Awesome job. Indi wars are great now and I don't win all the time. Everyones crying about the charms but prior to that there were cry babies too. Whenever wars are built to suit them they'll stop but then a whole new set of cry babies will emerge. Devs allowed a way for others to compete with bigger players. Now bigger players don't like it? Play the game. Get hit and hit. I love the new charm mechanics. Get 40k every event and stack up. Awesome jobs devs. Oh, give me nf if you like war in a war game 
  17. Not working still lost a white tiger has disappeared and a menotaur that was sent just done same too ..reply was I still got white tiger ,WHERE??? I can't see it from half a dozen devices !!!
  18. Send a ticket into support. They should be able to look at your chest drop/trade history to figure it out.
  19. Devs not intrested in helping , white tiger they said is there , must be so bleeding white its invisible to me and everyone I have asked to see if it's there ! My main sent flying lion (free1) back to this account and that has gone awol too .poxy glitching game 

  20. Strangely, I beleive you. Its all thats keeping me from selling my accts. My hope is waning though, need some meaningful change will happen soon.We all are aware its not an overnight fix.