Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. you obviously have anger management issues when confronted with your own ignorance I usually suggest people to not take SSRIs but I think your case would warrant a prescription lol 

  2. Hey boss you doing long time no see. Yeah this Mark dude seems legit 
  3. Rofl. Posted about issues with charms a bunch of times just after charms were released.
    What happened?
    Majority of players denied it and hated on the few who supported the thought.
    Developers made an OFFICIAL statement that this was a false rumour and it is absolutely not the case.
    Moderators removed my posts and locked threads because "They were troll posts"
    But sure. Good job. Im assuming they still dont work though because lets face it, its ATA
  4. Good decisive action!! like it...props to Biyamiti.... now unlock xtal limit and promo 50% weekend - Ajax
  5. Thats quite a generous compensation thanks guys. Although I do think that giving pets to everyone was unwise. Hopefully you guys can think of something quick before the furnishing economy gets as bad as the gold economy after black friday. I dont think you can flat out take it away but mabey offer a deal, like say trade a pet for money/xtals/ event items??
  6. Im buying all manticores wall or pm me
  7. Question for you mark, now that your back on the kaw dev team can we expect simple things, as in inventory clean up after events so we can keep track of what we’re chasing? Or for the kaw team to give all these random drop items in our inventory a purpose? Even the ability to sell them for zero gold would make me happy so I can clear them out myself after an event? It’s a lot of clutter than is unappealing to a vast majority of the player base.
  8. Works awesome now thanx. Spent a lot of time and energy for non working pieces but all is well now and I think the 100 xstals were my comp. Since you are on now I hope you comb through any other flaws kaw has. I'm aware your stretched thin and no disrespect but the money we spend on this game doesn't care about that. I'm sure if you continued to spend money on something you'd like it fully functional and 100% efficient. Hope to see more improvement and thanx again
  9. Their next thing will be fixing the furniture glitch and banning all involved bye bye op accounts lol.
  10. Hope so, goodbye like 50% of kaw rip
  11. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to it
  12. Can someone please make a Thread what Equipment Gives you more Firepower Either for EB, EE wars Or PvP, also why does Equip Lv10 Show Like Gold Grey Out? Does this means anything stats wise?
  13. I think it is supposed to mean that the equipment is at its maximum level as charm, and thus also has the highest possible stats.
  14. Equipment stat of mine got different value on pc vs iPhone since last year
  15. Concur with this. Thank you Mark.
    This "fix" is indeed what was needed after many had proven through testing the problem. I can say firsthand that I had a smaller account notice the "fix" immediately. Could hit GoTH/_LoTL 100% no fails to unload. Before "fix", would get a few fails starting around 35% troops on unloading.

  16. I have noticed that FOD is no more giving same plunder as it used to , specially related when use items,? Any body knows why????dont know where exactly to raise up this issue
  17. Congratulations on the charm fix devs. Another fantastic job in pressuring the top players of the game to quit.We really believe you guys had their best interest at heart (say what) I just watched a NON ranked NON bc player with NO Allies and NO MITH man haidle an ally leader board account in individual ee wars. LOL I am really scared to ask you to fix it based upon your last attempt (failure) but seriously whats the point in BC'ing if all u need is free trinkets to win...
  18. a non-BC player, 5-6x smaller in stats, no BFA at all but packed with charms just bullied an ally LB#11!

    even bigger players cant win an attack or assasination against this lucky charmed player.

    devs should add another category on leaderboard, mark it "charm leaderboard".
  19. Boo hoo a smaller player hit me, whine and cry I'm going to quit devs wah cry cry, pls fix this wah.

    Jeez, cry more, can't hit smaller players now and bully them like ya used to? Hit ranges are ridiculous broken and this helps the free to play players, or the ones that dedicate time and money on a lot of accounts.

    Leader board players are still a bunch of whiney babies threatening to quit when someone will just move in and take their place