Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. Keep it on topic you two ^^^ please.
  2. Although as Venom mentioned this is not a flawless compensation for the charms issue, let’s hope it has indeed been fixed. I’m very glad to see an active and communicating team of devs has returned to KaW and I think in the long run this a great start. Keep up the communication, please!
  3. How about you show a little humility rather than making excuses of not being here. Where is the accountability? Stop passing the buck you are all to blame for the shoddy work and constant glitches and bugs that have riddled this game recently.

    Also it wouldn't have hurt to thank the players that went above and beyond and broke down the issues with recent reward where you and your team couldn't be bothered to test anything you put out.
  4. Charms against ebs is not fixed Eagle... With a small alt, 17 hits to higher troop loss on LOTL with nothing equipped, 17 hits with 700m attk charms equipped. With 700m attk BFE equipped the little alt can FB LOTL with no higher troop loss. Need confirmation that charms are supposed to effect ebs.
  5. What?

    They quite literally said they are recently appointed to this game, have apologized for the lack of fixing, insinuated those responsible no longer work here, gave the largest apology reward this game might've ever seen AND directly thanked the player whose detailed post brought legitimate attention to this by ATA.

    What else are you looking for?
  6. ...about half complained charms didnt work the other half swore up and down they did.

    It wouldnt hurt for you to thank Mark for fixing the issue instead of trying to alienate new devs like you did with the las set. The last set came in with good intentions but after dealing with you people i dont blame them for eventually ignoring you.

    Mark I imagine that the previous designer and devs just got tired of dealing with crybabies, they saw that KAW was dying and they realised they had no job security so they probably omitted that line in the coding on purpose to troll these crybabies ...the other devs didnt escalate because they thought it was funny and might as well troll these idiots before they lost their jobs.

    Youre doing a good job ...keep it up bro :)
  7. If you scroll through the thread, they provide further information and feedback :) lots to read if you're interested.
  8. Mark can we have a remake of kaw? Better graphics? And can we have old wall post design back? I know everyone hated it and wanted the old one back. Silph made a thread about old wall post design. Much better.
  9. Tnx for your tryings to upgrade and make the game better..but my charms..still doesn t work
  10. Lol what are you on about? If they bothered to keep contact rather than shun the community when it suited them they would get the responses they get.

    If they don't like dealing with customers then perhaps the company should employ staff that are equipped to answer questions and concerns.
  11. Now that there’s “devs that care” that have returned,do I need to repost in help about a glitch on my iPad pm’s being black on black, it’s been almost a year and maybe 20 post to Help? And thank you for the charm fix I was part of the effected accounts

    -Midgard Warriors-
  12. Very pleased with the compensation. Thanks devs :)
  13. Not all players were affected.
  14. We should have 100xtals whenever there’s a convenience ;)
  15. All testing I have done subsequent to the fix has shown charms do effect ebs now. There can, however, be a lag for those effects to take place. Generally within 15 minutes I’ve found it to work but I have had cases where it took longer to start getting successful results on past testing with rewards.


    What I'm a on? on krokadill or something?
  17. Nice to see fresh blood on the team and even better they with good ole Mark have fixed a big bug and issue. I’ve lost my zing for KaW but would love to get it back so here’s hoping this is the beginning of some good updates and not, I repeat not just event after event after event. Need to think of some new stuff to re invigorate is all guys. Anyway good job again and kudos to Biy
    Icey out
  18. We need another aqua/inferno event
  19. I agree with shifter but a banner event would also be great.although they can just increase aqua and inferno drops per legend award to supplement the need for another aqua and inferno event
  20. This is getting you hot,bothered and very emotional. Why don't you have a lie down before you burst a blood vessel.

    I'll let you have the last word.
    Nah I'm not on a krokadill but you're clearly on someone's nuts.