Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. Yay it’s fixed  game makes sense for stats again
  2. So you traded things to other players you knew didn't work at the time for things you knew did work?

    Sounds like you 1.) Tried to take advantage of potentially unknowing players and 2.) Made a bet that while you were taking an at face loss in the trade you thought you were benefiting off of due to the current functionality of the material dealt with.

    Sounds more like you took a gamble of your own choosing here and tried to take advantage of other players in the process, why should you be compensated for this?
  3. So you traded what were essentially broken tools to people for things you knew weren't broken tools? Why should you be compensated for trying to take advantage of other players by trying to play the market?

    To be clear; you made a conscious choice assuming they would never be fixed. No one forced any of you who traded more CS in charms for rewards to make those trades. So why should you guys receive compensation for trying to play a broken system that ALWAYS had a potential of being fixed?
  4. What did the old designer do that was so bad?
  5. Thank you for the fix and the comp,much appreciated.
  6. Charms still having no effect on ebs, can devs please confirm if the fix has been done yet? And if charms work on ebs, or only pvp? Thanks.
  7. I can see that it’s been fixed, on LOTL my max damages were 201 now they are 241 which confirms it’s fixed.
  8. Inspiration behind the Manticore.


  9. Dont listen to him Mark, Bach is just butthurt and hes illiterate so he cant really read properly. You and Jean are doing a great job, keep it up.

    To ALL you idiots that kept insisting that charms work ha a ha :)

    Talk to your bosses the designer that jacked this up and kept insisting that they work should have this recorded in their employment HR file ...make sure it follows them when seeking future employment.

  10. See what I mean here Mark? ....cant read
  11. Absolutely great that this is being fixed. So when can we expect the trades to be fixed for iOS devices?? That’s not been working properly for ages!!!
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  19. Was everyone affected?